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Angrzej 25-05-2011 01:51 PM

How to install mono in Ubuntu
I am new to Linux platform and more specifically Ubuntu. I was a windows user previously and use to code for .NET based applications. But, know I am addicted to Ubuntu and, I love, How stable the operating system is, I would like to know how use and install mono on Ubuntu. Because, I am developing applications using .net technologies, I need to test my code somewhere and as I have removed windows from my pc. I need some interface on Ubuntu through which I can execute .net program?s and I guess that?s done by mono.

Common 25-05-2011 01:52 PM

Re: How to install mono in Ubuntu
You are right about Ubuntu and made a right choice of switching to Ubuntu. And you are also right about the use of mono for running .net applications on Ubuntu. The only thing you did not mention is that mono develops and mono runtime are two different things. We need mono run ?times installed in order to run and install mono develop. In order to install mono develop you need to open your terminal window in Linux (Ubuntu) and then enter the following command in to it

sudo apt-get install mono-gac mono-gmcs mono-xsp mono-utils monodevelop monodoc-browser monodevelop-nunit monodevelop-version
After running this into your terminal browser you will see a shiny flashy window which contains the further steps of mono develop installation.

Shreevats 25-05-2011 01:52 PM

Re: How to install mono in Ubuntu
Trying install mono develop from the source is very painful but yet a successful and a best way to install it perfectly. You need to understand that you cannot get the features that you used to get on windows .net platform.tou will need to download and install the latest code into your system. For that download mono develop for linux official site and then untar it and remember the location name.

Now type the following command. /configure –prefix=` pkg-config – variable=prefix mono`
to set the directory name and then type make to install mono.

Ronchi 25-05-2011 01:52 PM

Re: How to install mono in Ubuntu
Most of the time mono comes installed with Ubuntu, but due to different patches and versions released it has stopped budding mono with Ubuntu in the recent releases. So in order to do that you need to download mono develops as well as mono run time from the web. It?s better to download as even if there is previous old version installed into your system will get over ridden by the new one .type the following code in terminal windows please be into root directory for installation type $ sudo bashafter that type $ mkdir /src to create a new directory , $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; to make it install. Hope that helps you out.

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