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Virr 24-05-2011 07:36 PM

Strange Extension of images
Hi, I have a digital camera through which I get almost superb pictures, but since last night I am having the problem t download those pictures from the card to my PC, as it has a different extension, that in fatc I haven?t seen yet, and I am not able to see those photos, what will be the problem? It gives the number CCMc 005, CCMC 037 and so on, and after that the extension Shortcut.Ink what shall I do next to view those pictures? Thanks in advanced.

Badrunath 24-05-2011 07:36 PM

Re: Strange Extension of images
I think this is the problem I haven?t seen in my camera yet, how you?re downloading those images? I use to do that using the card reader, or you can simply download it through connecting the camera to the PC using the data cable they have given, otherwise I would say try to download it to your computer using the card reader as what I am doing. I hope the problem won?t persist.

MahaGuru 24-05-2011 07:37 PM

Re: Strange Extension of images
I think you may have virus in your memory card, thus because of that only you are not able to see the pictures, and the extensions are different, I would suggest you to check the memory card from any good antivirus and them copy it to the computer, if the problem would be the same, then you?ll be able to see the pictures soon, otherwise the problem is different and I think, you should do something different.

GeforceUser 24-05-2011 07:37 PM

Re: Strange Extension of images
Which operating system are you using, it also matters, as If It is XP Media center or Vista Home Premium or Windows 7 Home Premium, It should be fine. but If it is just the Home version of these three OS's I have mentioned, then it might be a problem as in the Home Version it doesn?t support Media stuff to work properly, thus the it could have a screwed up file extension. I would suggest you to download it to other PC and then try to copy it, where you want.

Virr 24-05-2011 07:37 PM

Re: Strange Extension of images
Thanks for the immediate reply brother, but the thing is that it is not my computer, and I also do the same as you have mentioned that?s through the memory card through the cable, or in fact at my place it works directly with the camera also, but don?t know what is the problem, but I am very much thankful to you and all other friends too, as right now I am planning to copy it to my PC only, then will transfer it here.

CodGuru 25-05-2011 07:38 PM

Re: Strange Extension of images
I think according to me there might be some driver you would have get with the camera, and that?s what you haven?t installed in the Pc you?re trying to copy. If you have an OS with a media application, it should be fine, or some utility is missing being installed in the computer provided by the manufacturer for handling Photos. The absence of any of these, could also create different glitches as you have mentioned.

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