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$kRITIKa$ 23-05-2011 04:16 PM

How strong do i need to make my Windows password ?
We all need strong password to secure anything right from our locker, online bank account, and our e-mail accounts. and off course our social networking profiles like twitter, facebook, orkut ,etc but can someone tell me the importance of strong password for windows login , I mean many of us don ?t even put a password authentication on it ? Is it still advised to write a complex password with mix of special characters, numeric, and upper and lower ?case characters?

ssssYDNEY 23-05-2011 04:17 PM

Re: How strong do i need to make my Windows password ?
I did n t , get you properly did you meant how would a complex windows authentication prevent anyone or more possibly a hacker from accessing your pc , and then gaining access to others accounts scanning cookies and retrieving saved passwords , assuming that have an updated anti-virus , and all the other security / defenses in place like fire-wall . It?s a good question because the answer can be fluctuated to any heights one thing everyone should know is ?that nothing in the computer world is secure. ? I meant it is secure only till it can keep away intruder. The moment the intruder breaks in your security is of no use. So I guess you should have a strong password for every login. Important or not important you should secure it without strong password

abela 23-05-2011 04:18 PM

Re: How strong do i need to make my Windows password ?
I totally disagree with you, you actually don?t need to have a strong password for your windows authentication unless and until you are in your work place, or many user?s use your computer, you should know that there are many ways to bypass windows authentication, no matter how strong your password be and never consider you windows authentication be the absolute form of security. but , yes an strong password can definitely keep the morons hacker s at bay , but committed hacker s having sound knowledge about the working of the computer can any bypass it

Karen Black 23-05-2011 04:18 PM

Re: How strong do i need to make my Windows password ?
This is the most important thing that most of the user who use the internet does not have a secure password for their windows authentication , the reason they think that that physical access to their pc is not possible by the hacker s, quite true in some sense because the hacker won?t come to your place enter your login id and password and then scan your drives for gaining access to other account?s off course not , he won ? t do this. There are two approaches to this the one which I just mentioned above and the other is having a remote access to your pc.

Gajodhar 23-05-2011 04:19 PM

Re: How strong do i need to make my Windows password ?
You are abousetly right majority of hacker?s use remote access to access your information about you by scanning your documents and cookies. So, instead of concentrating more on your physical access consider concentrating on your remote access. It all depends about how you have set your remote access setting to, I mean, if your router has an open port, it?s even easier for them. The commonly used type of access is by using windows Remote desktop utility, or if they have an access to your port then the hacker might install a bot and that bot instead would try attempting logging into your account till he get?s an access, I can take bot weeks and even months to get an access to your account, it then transfers the information to the hacker.

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