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TropicanaMorgana 14-05-2011 01:08 AM

Mail Stuck in Outlook 2007 Outbox - Caused by Deleting Outlook Express?

I accidentally deleted Outlook Express (and everything attached to it. The whole Office Express suite) thinking that I didn't need it since I already installed Office Professional 2007. It was causing problems when I was opening Office attachments in Outlook.

And that's when the problems started happening...

So now, I no longer receive emails in Outlook nor am I able to send. If I send an email, it just gets stuck in the Outlooks "preparing to send" as other threads have mentioned. It's bold an italicized. I've tried deleting it, resending, uninstalling Outlook, reconfiguring my email to Outlook...nothing has worked. I'm positive this has something to do with having deleted Office Express, but I can't seem to find ANYWHERE where to re-install that program. It seems I'm out of luck.

Any help? Thank you so much!

Narragansett 14-05-2011 09:14 AM

Re: Mail Stuck in Outlook 2007 Outbox - Caused by Deleting Outlook Express?
It doesn't take place too frequently however when a message is stuck within the Outbox it be able to be an actual pain. Underneath you'll discover three methods to get the message out of the Outbox.
Method 1
Open the message starting the Outbox and close up it another time. at the moment select the message and after that press DELETE
Method 2
Place Outlook within offline mode. To do this goes to File-> Work Offline. At the moment restart Outlook and observe if you be able to delete it (you be capable of try this in mixture through method 1). Don't fail to remember to position Outlook back On-line again.
Method 3
1. Produce a fresh pst-file; File-> New-> Outlook Data File...
2. position this pst-file as your default release location within your Account surroundings; Tools-> E-mail Accounts-> button Next
3. as soon as you at the moment restart Outlook your unique pst-file will show up as the secondary position of folders somewhere be supposed to simply be capable to remove the file from or even the whole Outbox folder
4. Position the unique pst-file as the default release location for a second time and restart Outlook; the Outbox folder will exist recreated and will be unfilled.
Method 4
Make use of the Microsoft MDBVU32.EXE tool on the way to powerfully clear the Outbox. The commands for this are the similar for at what time removing a stuck read receipt however instead of select "MDB-> Open Root Folder" select "MDB-> Open IPM Outbox".

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