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NahiTo 20-04-2011 07:20 PM

Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Guys I am having Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1, and I listen a lot MP3 and FLAC files. Till now I have used M-Audio Transit USB soundcard and Winamp which processes the sound from my system and sends the analogue to the hi-fi integrated amplifier. I have just downloaded the FooBar. But I don?t know much about FooBar what it offers over the Winamp and I am also looking for WASAPI or ASIO4ALL so guys can you tell me what these programs offer over the standard .dll files. Please share your experience here,

Badrunath 20-04-2011 07:22 PM

Re: Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Well mate very good post many users look for this comparison Winamp somehow fails to give the gapless playback but where Foobar gives the perfect gapless playback for the MP3?s. And to compare with WASAPI and ASIO gives bit-perfect plackback, but their performance also depends on your particular driver and setup. One interesting thing is ASIO and WASAPI blocks the system sound to interfere with the music, i.e. Windows beep sound won?t mix with the music.

MahaGuru 20-04-2011 07:22 PM

Re: Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Well guys I was looking for bit simple-looking thing and I found Winamp bit complex in its GUI. Then I found the F00bar it?s a very simple-looking audio player thing as well as it?s a powerful audio player compared to winamp. It works with asio/kernel streaming/wasapi etc. it manages multiple playlists very easily, it has free build in database and auto tagging and quite easily customizable without any additional addons which are needed on other audio players and they also have built in converter.

GeforceUser 20-04-2011 07:22 PM

Re: Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Well dude I prefer Foobar with ASIO. Because according to me that is the perfect setting, even I find Foobar quite simple to operate and it has very simple look compared to the Winamp. I struggle to find many options on Winamp. But its very simple on Foobar . All options are also very easy to configure. And Foobar uses very less resources with ASIO and it has better appearance so buddy from my side it will be Foobar with the ASIO.

Bull50 20-04-2011 07:23 PM

Re: Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Well I am agree with the above all the users Foobar is much better audio player compares to the Winamp. I am using Winamp with WASAPI. Winamp is fine but I didn?t like its feature that much and it?s look and customization process is very complex.i don?t like it look at all and it doesn?t provide gapless playback. In the start Foobar is quite tricky to use but after looking its features you will find it very userfirendly. I am happy with Foobar with WASAPI so my vote is for Foobar with WASAPI.

NahiTo 21-04-2011 10:51 AM

Re: Winamp vs FooBar & WASAPI vs ASIO.
Well guys that was really very nice review for all the programs, I searched a lot over net about this things but most of the sites show there specialty and specification about their add-ons. But nobody have given comparison of these things, I have posted such query on other portals but users are there are dead, they don?t take part in others query. Now decided Foobar with WASAPI as it has simplicity, I need these things to listen audio, I don?t want learn some complex features with other audio player. Thank you guys,

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