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Y-Maker 17-04-2011 05:10 PM

Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
I am attempting to utilize Silverlight on one site but the website continues saying to install Silverlight. I have installed it and it is scheduled on my file manager below programs. I thought possibly Norton was preventing it so I shaped a rule. At a standstill says to install program. I am running Internet Explorer 9. Anyone have any idea or any suggestion for this? It doesn't look to be a pop up problem either.

CitricAcid 17-04-2011 05:11 PM

Re: Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
Silverlight has been installed on my windows Vista system a short time. I went to watch something on Netflix in internet explorer 8 and Netflix required me to upgrade my Netflix Viewer. This runs below Silverlight 2.0, so after that I had to raise Silverlight. Any tries to watch a movie at present persists that I please install Silverlight. Rebooting doesn't determine this. The Add-on Manager insists that Silverlight is certainly installed and enabled. Uninstalling it, re-installing it, rebooting, naught determined this. Going to a Silverlight experiment video page, I obtain the similar result. (So not Netflix, I don't think).

Blazej 17-04-2011 05:11 PM

Re: Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
I was having troubles getting Silverlight to exertion on my system with internet explorer 7 for Netflix. New install. While I attempted to play a movie in Netflix it kept telling me that it could not attach to the player, up till now it showed the player installed. OS is Windows XP. Later than 4 separate calls to Netflix support, one tech lastly said that in internet explorer 7 I had to add the below line to the trusted sites in Tools, Internet Options, and Security: * I as well had to uncheck the box there which says "Require server confirmation"). After that the player lastly worked. I am finding though that with my system the playback is below astral in full-screen mode.

sergioKomic 17-04-2011 05:11 PM

Re: Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
Silverlight does not show up in my catalog of Add-ons. Is there a simple way to get it attached to the catalog? A few additional details: I have internet explorer 8 on an office PC running windows XP. I have to demand administrator access and the foremost time I tried to install Silverlight, I chosen "Run As" to install it as an administrator. I have endorsed my personal profile to administrator and uninstalled / reinstalled Silverlight. At a standstill it will not show up in the internet explorer 8 Add-ons. Firefox and Chrome both distinguish that Silverlight is installed, but internet explorer 8 will not. Opera doesn't have a hint and doesn't even ask it I wish to install Silverlight.

!const 17-04-2011 05:11 PM

Re: Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
Here I also wish to add something in this case. I had the "one time installation is complete please start again your browser to watch this movie" problem while attempting to utilize Netflix in Firefox on Windows 7. I uninstalled Silverlight, started again the computer, reinstalled Silverlight, started again Firefox, and it is functioning at least for present. I don't what caused the trouble in the initial place, or which of the steps was the fix.

Gunilla 28-04-2011 10:28 AM

Re: Website keeps saying- Silverlight not installed
I haven't utilized Silverlight up till now as I can't get it going. I just want to be able to utilize site for making photo albums. While I attempt to view a page on my site, which utilizes Silverlight, I can perceive comments but no image which is Silverlight not functioning. Very rarely I will get a grey screen saying Silverlight has not working but while I attempt to reload the page, I just obtain a blank screen. I utilize Firefox but it doesn't work in internet explorer 8 or google chrome either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled quite a lot of times and at a standstill not functioning. I am running on windows 7. Have checked firewall that Silverlight is permissible program and all is ok, checked plugging for Firefox but at a standstill not functioning.

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