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Edbert 17-04-2011 01:55 PM

How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
Hello everyone I am using the QuickTime on my system and it is really doing well on my windows operating system. Now the only thing that is worrying me here is whenever I am starting the windows I mean my system then the QuickTime unnecessarily loads on the start up. I really don?t know why this is happening and how I can get rid of this issue. I don?t want QuickTime to load at the startup because it consumes the CPU unnecessarily. So please help me in this case.

Alexisus 17-04-2011 01:56 PM

Re: How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
You must download the program first offers msconfig and then, extract the downloaded ZIP file msconfig.exe. To continue we will place it in c: \ win \ system32.
  • You must run the msconfig program, but do not click directly on it, because he will not nessesaire rights. You must go through:
  • Start> Run> Enter the word: msconfig and press OK.
  • After launching the command, a window with multiple tabs open.
  • To order go to the tab, first things first: General.
  • On this page you have three choices:
  • Normal mode: change nothing. All that is expected to start at boot.
  • Diagnostic Mode: is used if your computer is unusable. At startup, it only load a few programs that allows your computer to live. That's it. So it will be easier to do some scans on your computer or another.
  • Select mode: you can choose to load only some files

Nutty 17-04-2011 01:56 PM

Re: How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
You can select / deselect the programs that launch at startup. To help you check Hide Microsoft Services will help you see clearer. Uncheck this box if you want to disable Microsoft services (WARNING!) To further accelerate the startup of your PC. Now go to the Startup tab, is where all the malicious programs are hidden. Obviously there are good programs. Try to uncheck anything you do not know. But WARNING: Avoid if possible uncheck Programs from the Windows System folder: they are usually vital for your PC. For others, just think a bit and see what they can correspond. For example, the element that QuickTime does not start at boot is then used to accelerate the launch of the program when you need it. It is by no means a necessary process and disable it at startup will increase the speed of your PC. Uncheck all items without a name. The changes in msconfig will not be effective until you restart your operating system.

Terrextre 17-04-2011 01:57 PM

Re: How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
Well here we need to concentrate on the applications that start with Windows. Most of these applications can be recognized because they leave an icon on the taskbar next to the system time, but not all are visible. The traditional way to boot them out of Windows would start each of these applications, go to your settings and find the option "Start with Windows session" on and off. But an easier way is to use a special tool for Windows there are also other programs for that purpose showing the list of applications that are loaded at startup and can disable them. To start this utility in Windows is to click on the "Start" and then "Run." Once there, type "msconfig" and OK. We entered the "System Configuration Utility." The Services and Startup tabs are what interest us. On the Home tab displays the list of applications that start with Windows, although, in principle, for the operation of the system need not be branded any application, the fact disable some can cause some utilities can not be used. If you think you are in a position to know how to choose which applications and which are not clear, try it. You can identify them by name or by running the file.

AmdUser 17-04-2011 01:58 PM

Re: How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
The program also loads the QuickTime "qttask" and can be disabled, and other popular programs, including MSN Messenger that is loaded at startup with the name "msnmsgr" too, if you prefer, you can disable. In this way will not load with Windows, but if you want to use them, you have to run from their respective icons on the desktop or the Start bar. The idea is to find applications that are loaded at startup, and we are heavy and cumbersome. Again, it is essential to use their expertise to identify those applications that really want to get the start. Anyway, there antispyware program Spybot Search & Destroy which has a large database with all these programs often start with Windows and describes what each one so that we can choose disable them or not. This feature of this program is in Mode> Advanced Mode. Then in the left menu: Tools> System Startup. Here is the list of programs and descriptions to select. To detect those who are not Windows you can select the spot "Hide all Microsoft services." In this way will those applications that are loaded but are not useful for Windows. In this place the virus usually appear, turn them off would not have more consistent monitoring of files with the consequent problems that this can bring. Also here is to disable the services that we believe is not necessary for us.

Edbert 18-04-2011 07:35 PM

Re: How to stop QuickTime from loading at startup?
First of all thank you all for considering my problem and also for the solution provide to me. I have tried of disabling the program with the help of the msconfig but the thing here is that I am unable to get the proper response from it. I mean to say that when I disabled the same then for some to me it was gone and I was not able to get it on the startup but now I suddenly it has appeared again so is there is a permanent solution for the same.

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