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Kevlina 16-04-2011 08:20 PM

Which one is better, ASIO4ALL or WASAPI
Hello, I am having a PC running on windows 7 operating system. In my system I have got both ASIO4ALL and WASAPI installed but I cannot use both of them. I don?t know much about ASIO4ALL and WASAPI. So can anyone tell me which one is the best to use. Is there any issue if I have installed ASIO4ALL and WASAPI both in the same computer.

Gunilla 16-04-2011 08:20 PM

Re: Which one is better, ASIO4ALL or WASAPI
Both ASIO4ALL and WASAPI are better to use but it depends upon the operating system that is running the computer. When you run them on the computer, you will always want to put minimum load on the CPU. I had been using ASIO4ALL since very long time so I am very much comfortable with it. I don?t know about WASAPI and had never tried it. But now I think that I should also try WASAPI. You have got both of them so run a test with each of the program to observe which one of them puts minimum load on CPU

!const 16-04-2011 08:21 PM

Re: Which one is better, ASIO4ALL or WASAPI
Since you have got both ASIO4ALL and WASAPI, use them and then conclude which of them gives the better audio result. Now decide which one you will prefer. As per my opinion WASAPI is better than ASIO4ALL if compared latency wise. While running WASAPI at 64 bit sample, Reaper reads 5.8/ms and in ASIO4ALL, Reaper reads 5.6/5.6ms.Note that WASAPI at 8 samples buffer also, reaper reads 5.8/11ms. So I think WASAPI is better.

Blazej 16-04-2011 08:21 PM

Re: Which one is better, ASIO4ALL or WASAPI
It is not easy to judge between WASAPI and ASIO. Both of them are bit-perfect. The performance of the audio recordings depends upon the system configuration and the drivers. Many often WASAPI will stay ahead of ASIO4ALL, but cannot beat the third party ASIO driver. More over you cannot use WASAPI and ASIO together in the same computer .So it is all your decision which one you are going to use.

$tatic 16-04-2011 08:22 PM

Re: Which one is better, ASIO4ALL or WASAPI
ASIO4ALL hooks to the MME/DirectSound drivers so as to pass it through to an ASIO interface. WASAPI is easier to use as compared to ASIO4ALL. As far as stability is concerned WASAPI is more stable in Windows Vista, 64 bit operating system but in windows 7 operating system, both have got the same stability. One cannot judge between the two because it all depends upon the personal experience. There are still many people who love to work with ASIO4ALL.

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