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RedZot 15-04-2011 07:35 PM

Super Street Fighter IV Nintendo 3DS - Walkthrough, Tips, Unlockables, Cheat
35 fighters, 20 scenarios, devastating combos and the same gameplay that made it big on consoles. Super Street Fighter IV is portable with a fighting spirit intact, although this time more three-dimensional and adapted to all sorts of aspiring wrestler. Without preamble, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is the best launch title for 3DS, a game that not only imitates the fighting spirit of his older brothers (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), but also allows us to take just his own visual sensations, and without exaggeration, in our pocket. The work of Capcom MT Framework engine Mobile is spectacular, a good demonstration of the graphical potential of this new machine and also an example to follow in the future by the other companies, including Nintendo itself.

Features :
  • ONLINE / LOCAL WIFI MULTIPLAYER : Fight your friends around the world or in the same room with Nintendo's online network.
  • 35 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS : A huge selection of fighters from Ryu, Ken, Hakan, Juri and many more.
  • FIGURINE MODE : Cool meta-game features figurines of iconic characters who battle automatically via Street Pass when passing another 3DS owner. Next time you play the game, view the results and collect your loot.
  • 3D MODE : A new over-the-shoulder camera option offering an exciting new perspective of the action.
  • GAME SHARING : Play a game with a friend using Ryu, even if they don't have the cartridge.
  • BE A SPECTATOR : Use your own 3DS to watch friends battle live.
  • LITE/PRO CONTROL MODES : Using the touch screen, use two new control schemes to pull off challenging moves with ease (Lite) and to better access button combination such as throws and three punches (Pro).

Playing as Beginner

Chatting with producer of the series, Yoshinori Ono, told us that for Street Fighter IV would work in 3DS should raise it assuming it was a version where you could connect an Arcade Stick, default control method for advanced players beat'em up. Not only has managed to implement a control that recreate all SSFIV opportunities in desktop shortcuts via the touch screen, but also with the implementation of Lite mode.

Lite mode lets you use the touch screen to place 4 shortcuts, 4 macros, 4 special fighter. So that we understand, only to press one of those 4 boxes on the touch screen, your character will execute a movement. And no matter whatever, special attacks, attacks EX, Ultras, or Supers, and also require charging or not. Everything comes instantaneous. This control is so accessible that any novice could embarrass the top most experienced player.

Playing as Pro

To understand the personality that has SSFIBV 3DS version, it is necessary to understand the two control schemes that have been inserted. Pro mode is the option that the purists will want to select, is a replica of managing the desktop versions, Nintendo 3DS carried. The console has 6 buttons which share the basic strokes: loose fist (jab), middle fist (strong), strong fist (fierce) and low kick, kick, medium and strong kick. As in the arcade version, where the machines have 6 buttons for attacks EX-improved versions of each character's special attacks, we must press two buttons at once, while for the triple, of course, three while the Ultra-to activate. This on a machine that has 3DS distribution is slightly uncomfortable. We should press a trigger, plus two shoulder buttons. And certainly not natural.

RedZot 15-04-2011 07:39 PM

re: Super Street Fighter IV Nintendo 3DS - Walkthrough, Tips, Unlockables, Cheat
Types of Attacks

Ultra Combo : It is the most powerful movement of each fighter. Each has at least two, selected before the start of combat. Activated only after accumulating half Ultra meter bar, which you can climb chain base hits on the opponent, taking damage or shock absorbing enemies by Focus.

Super Combo : EX depends on the bar, which is filled in the same way as the Ultra, but is divided into 4 squares. Each character fills his Super at different speeds, Ryu and Akuma do it very quickly but for example Gouken takes much longer. EX version of an attack consumes a bar, a chisel, two bars and the Super combo, full.

Taunt : movement to mock rival. In Street Fighter only have this goal, chipping the opponent, a penalty that does not include the necessary movements to show the same respect as other beat'em up. In total there are 10 taunts you unlock along the way challenge and fighting online.

Game Modes

Training Mode : We also recommend that you make use of training mode to choose the appropriate configuration for each player on the touch screen, regardless of whether the chosen mode of control is Lite or Pro There we will see how we adapt better and what moves are best suited to add shortcuts for the strategy we want to develop with our primary fighter. They also can practice combos and cancels a free, setting a sparring as needed, with self-locking, jumping, CPU and even recording 10 seconds to our agency, and bars and Ultra EX endless.

Challenge Mode : Also note that the challenge mode is a must. In this way, over 25 specific tests for each character, runs the full range of moves and combos deploy basic and advanced means we have to run to pass the test. If you're interested in learning, you can also pull YouTube or even some video tutorials that made a server to see how to pass the tests and then try to replicate the combo.

Hints and Tips

Unlockable Codes
  • CgIsQNWbHu: Vega (Dictator) Gold
  • DmdkeRvbxc: Blanka Gold
  • DPrkMnybCd: Ryu Platinum
  • GHakWCTbsl: Makoto Plata
  • GKkkXXtbSe: Silver Rose
  • hinsVnebTu: Zangief Gold
  • ilMsRBabpB: Ibuki Plata
  • KjckTnSbwK: Ryu Oro
  • naMkEQgbQG: Cody Silver
  • NyosHgybuW: Ken Silver
  • OfQkARpbJR: Juri Plata
  • PqUswOobWG: Balrog (Claw) Silver
  • qeJkznDbKE: Guile Gold
  • rDRkkSIbqS: Dan Silver
  • RYSsPxSbTh: Akuma (Gouki) Silver
  • tLWkWvrblz: Chun-Li Silver
  • uQHkWgYbJC: Special Akuma (Gouki)
  • uUDsTlmbUN E. Honda Gold
  • uzTsXzIbKn: Sakura Silver
  • zAAkcHVbHk: Chun-Li Gold
  • Akuma : Defeat Akuma to unlock the title Akuma Killer. Complete Arcade mode without continuing and getting at least 1 Perfect. After defeating Seth, Akuma will challenge you. Defeat him to receive the title of Akuma Killer.
  • In Arcade mode, hold R when the message "Fight Your Rival" is displayed. Then the second you fight your rival character.

  • Icon 1 : Win any challenge with a character to unlock its icon 1.
  • Icon 2 : Winning 8 challenges to unlock a character with its icon 2.
  • Icon 3 : Win 16 challenges with a character to unlock its icon 3.
  • Icon 4 : Win every challenge with a character to unlock its icon 4.
Fight Gouken
  • To address Gouken after the fight against Seth, you must: Not losing a single round
  • Place 5 or Super-Ultra Combo Finish - Make 2-Perfect - Place 10 1rst Hits
Unlockable Titles:
  • Blue Character: Complete Arcade mode with a character in any difficulty.
  • Red Character: Complete Arcade mode with a character in the highest difficulty level.
  • Character Oro 1: Complete a character 12 different challenges.
  • Gold Character 2: Complete 14 challenges with a different character.
  • Character Gold 3: Complete a character 18 different challenges.
  • Character Gold 4: Complete a character 20 different challenges.
  • Character Oro 5: Complete a character 22 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 1: Complete with character 2 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 2: Complete a character 3 different challenges.
  • Character Silver 3: Complete a character 4 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 4: Complete with a character 6 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 5: Complete 10 challenges with a different character.

But the graphic is not all that is great in this edition. It is also important to note that the book makes an effort to keep the 35 original fighters, adding a new control scheme designed to bring the franchise to new users and even propose an additional camera to take special advantage of 3D technology device. Ultimately, a version specifically designed for 3DS, ideal for fans but focused on novice fighters. Another of the great attributes of this work is that, starting, we have all the uniforms (three per person) for those who were paying in the form of downloadable content-owners of an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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