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Bubbs 03-04-2011 02:16 AM

Old Linksys WMP11 B card & D-Link Dir625 Router
Some day I'm going to have new products. I have an old DOS application that only runs on an old computer, a Pentium 3 running Win98 SE. For a period I need to be able to access information, large generated files off that platform.

My Network: D-link Router, Dir625, WEP 128, I provide the passkey. Auto channel scan. I think that's all that's material for now. I've set it up both using their automatic and manually ways, both with the same specs.

The PC is running Win98 SE, as I said. It has a Linksys WMP11 Wireless B PCI Adapter. It's the oldest adapter I have. The only one I have that has drivers for the 98 SE. The drivers seem good. I can see the card, both from Device Manager and from the Linksys utility. The SSID and passphrase are correct on the card. I see other networks, not only my own but others in the neighbourhood. I think the card's working fine. I actually am using a D-Link antenna extender but I see no problem with that, it's just passing signals and is dumb.

When I try to connect from the computer, it sees the network, tries to connect showing "connecting" in the monitor, followed pretty quickly by "Disconnected".

I think the router has to be the problem. I have 8 other computers, newer Windows versions from Win2K, XP Pro and Win 7, all on the network. All configured the same way and all working well.

Any ideas. Obviously D-link tells me there's a problem with the card but I don't think so.

Zachary 03-04-2011 03:19 AM

Re: Old Linksys WMP11 B card & D-Link Dir625 Router
I think that it might be the a WEP or WPA key issue. Setup the Linksys for encryption disabled and try again. If you're using Windoze Wireless Zero Config, a wrong WEP or WPA key will show up as "connected" and will sit at "Aquiring IP Address" for about 45 seconds. It will then timeout with a "limited connectivity" error mesage. Is this what's happening.

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