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Itachi Uchiha 17-03-2011 11:31 AM

Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
Hello friends this is something serious as I am on a verge of choosing a carrier that will help me in developing a right kind of a person in the future. I am in my last year of Bcom and is going to get over in next few months. So it?s time now that I have to seriously make a right decision in deciding upon my carrier. I have been looking forward to either get enrolled for MBA or either Mass Media, both of these fields are the running trends in the market and have a very good scope in the future, So I have to choose between both of them, so can someone help me to know that

Educated 17-03-2011 11:32 AM

Re: Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
Dude it exactly depend upon what you like to want to become in the carrier and on the contrary what you like. Don?t just choose a carrier by looking at what your friends are doing just for the sake of competing each other. You will have to do what you like and not that someone force you to do. Look at the likes of Sachin Tendulkar he loves what he is doing and that is the reason why he still going despite of his age. So the important thing before choosing a carrier is that you should choose the one which you would love and don?t think about its advantages and disadvantages.

Masters 17-03-2011 11:32 AM

Re: Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
When you are passionate about something that doesn?t feels like work, so try to get into something that you would think can actually make you feel happy and satisfied no matter how successful you are in it. The good ones who have been happy all their life?s are the ones who have been doing what they love and not that they have forced into. It depends upon the activity that you mostly like doing from your childhood, if that becomes your professional life as well than you will surely going to reach great heights in them. So all the best for the future.

Zimic 17-03-2011 11:32 AM

Re: Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
Exactly what I was going to say, if you think that you are going to be good in marketing than you must go for MBA. MBA requires people who have good kind of personality in handling people and can go to whatever level in order to get the things done. These are the people who will surely going to get their brains to do all kind of marketing activities and if it in HR than they should have the right communication skills as well. On the other hand Mass Communication is no different from MBA, it also requires personality who are capable of doing things their own way and have a strong power and control of the language they speak.

Recruiter 17-03-2011 11:32 AM

Re: Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
I would like to recommend you to go for Mass communication as it includes media institutions and process such as flow of information, and media special effects such as influence or handling of public estimation. Also I feel that the number of candidates that are getting involved in MBA degree are increasing day by day which will going to have a diverse effect in the future of the MBA peoples. The characteristic of 'communication' refers to the give and charm the diffusion and response of messages. The word 'communication' is really equated with diffusion, as viewed by the dispatcher, relatively than in the fuller sense, which includes the ideas of reply, allocation and communication.

Masters 18-03-2011 10:15 AM

Re: Should I go for Mass Communication Or MBA?
I will recommended you to go for a MBA degree as I think the MBA peoples are the ones whose degree have been recognized all over the world be at any place. I think that these are the kind of peoples that are required in each and every field. Just as the IT and the Computer field have been reducing day by day the BMM will also going to get decline. So I think that it would be better to go for a MBA degree as this is going to continue for years to come.

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