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Innocent User 04-03-2011 05:20 PM

Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
There is an mp4 clip in my computer?s HDD and that has 23,976 FPS. At a time i open it by using the VLC media player it notices the fps appropriately, however i would like to translate it to DVD, the convertxtodvd notices the same video clip or MP4 clip as 1000 fps. For that reason I have tried boilsoft videosplitter and it also shows and detects the 1000fps as well. How can I modify the mp4 info as a result convertxtodvd detects the fps properly (devoid of re-encoding)?

Alondra 04-03-2011 05:21 PM

Re: Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
First of all I urge you to use the Premiere Elements 9. Then you need to configure the Premiere Elements 9 project intended for 1280x720 AVCHD Lite. If the project is configuring by the correct preset, you must not notice a red line on top of the clips while you put in them to timeline. You have to use a completely approved edition of the product. It is not possible for this kind of video to load into a at no cost trial version of the program because definite gears require to turn on.

Mrigankasekhar 04-03-2011 05:21 PM

Re: Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
In my case by way of Interpret Footage I can set proper FPS, on the other hand audio is not right. It appears the audio is stretched and the playing field glows extremely stumpy. The audio that is stretched is the foremost fraction with the similar spans the same as the original clip (through incorrect fps). It appears nearly all additional tools can construe the clip properly apart from Premiere Elements. I can still alter it through MovieMaker. I've furthermore considered batch translation by e.g. VoltaicHD except it is a further time consuming pace which must not be necessary.

Christina 80 04-03-2011 05:21 PM

Re: Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
Note down that the mp4 package does not save FPS information anyplace and relies barely on individual frame timestamps in support of playback. A number of codecs as well store fps inside their bitstream, except it is not necessary to counterpart timestamps. Hence technically the barely method to dependably decide file fps is to inspect data in CTTS as well as STTS boxes of the mp4 file. The value exposed in players will be forever 1000fps at what time you make use of ffdshow since that's the value it uses when basis fps is indefinite.

Chakradev 04-03-2011 05:21 PM

Re: Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
Though, you're forthcoming the entire thing totally incorrect. You could do with to make use of mp4box to obtain FPS information from the mp4 file. It?ll be acquainted with what's essentially inside that file. What VDub reports is barely what DirectShow information, as a result if your DS splitter reports the incorrect FPS, you're screwed. It also makes no logic to depart all the way through two filter chains to discover that information.

Anirvinya 05-03-2011 10:15 AM

Re: Correct the FPS information in MP4 H.264 header
Admittedly while I checked the mp4 in Premiere Pro as well as PRE 9 I just place the clip within exclusive of hearing the sound (in favor of both programs). I tried both apps once more at this moment and certainly the sound is not taken correct. What appears to occur is that the sound is receiving prolonged amid the video, except if you maintain the fps to 1000, you can hear the sound. For that reason I renamed the mp4 file to .avi and the file was subsequently interpreted properly when it approaches to video. But still the sound was missing. I tested the VLC for what codec the sound was employing, actually it was AAC. So I have downloaded an AAC codec (CoreAAC directshow filter) and place the renamed AVI file in the timeline. After that I can hear the sound correctly.

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