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Joss 04-03-2011 09:40 AM

Media player classic mpg no image
I have a difficulty among MPG file. At what time I open it among winamp, it works, but when I am trying among media player classic, then I got sound there, and no image - only audio. A SONY digital camera video file is this mpg file. May be that is the cause? And another mpg-s I, which I have that working fine on Media Player Classic, Certain code required? Entire K-lite mega pack is previously installed. I don’t know what is going on so if anyone have any better solution then provide me that is better for my knowledge.

Badrunath 04-03-2011 09:41 AM

Re: Media player classic mpg no image
In My Humble Opinion, installing codes packs reason more problem than help because of code conflict. My suggestion is that once remove the installation of the K-Lite Mega Pack and then check your video among Media Player Classic again. I do not think that Media Player Classic has any complexity opening Sony digital camera video at all. Please tell how you captured video from your Sony camera to your computer. If you still cannot play that video among Media Player Classic, then please use GSpot or MediaInfo. I will say you what code required. There is a fantastic device suggested anonym known as ?ffdshow?. Lot of users are feeling too happy after using it. Go any official site and download the?ffdshow-20051013.exe?

MahaGuru 04-03-2011 09:41 AM

Re: Media player classic mpg no image
As per my knowledge my suggestion is to install only the codes you require. All codes will work very well at the time installed together and won't occurs any disagreement. And at what time combined among an outstanding player like as MPC or VLC, you will capable to play only everything under the run .I would like to suggest you that install oggDS. At least ONE of dscaler, power DVD, nvidia pure video. They are mostly used for DVD playback, and are superior to MPC's built-in mpeg2 decoder. And in all this if you ask me so I tell you go for power DVD most people use it.

Bull50 04-03-2011 09:42 AM

Re: Media player classic mpg no image
I am agree with MahaGuru if you know how to uninstall all code packs so fine if you don?t know so you need to follow the below given instruction.
  • First go into the control panel
  • Then go in add/ remove program.
  • Now just download and install ?ffdshow? by default it is not set to decode
,so for that you have to go in start menu after that go in program file then one list available there then choose ?ffdshow? then go to video decoder configuration. After that find ?DV? form code list and make it 'disabled' to 'libavcodec'. I hope you should be able to play all video among any dshow player

GeforceUser 04-03-2011 09:44 AM

Re: Media player classic mpg no image
The idea of free-codes is well. If you actually like to play with real player stuff, so you have another option. Just follow the instruction which is given below.
  • Format your computer and start over and done with again. There are many codes inconsistency going on, and it seems radical, but remembers that it is just my opinion. I heard but it somewhere and not used any time. I play a lot of videos on my regular computer and HTPC.
  • Bite the bullet and install any real player. I hope this is too much for your knowledge hopefully it will help you.

Bryana 04-03-2011 12:12 PM

Re: Media player classic mpg no image
installing codecs packs causes more problem than help because of codec conflict. Please uninstall the K-Lite Mega Pack and test your video with Media Player Classic gain

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