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ApariChitt 04-02-2011 07:16 PM

List of java games for all mobile phones
I am a student from a science college. As I have bought a new gadget I would like to install new java games in my phone. Apart from that I would even like to know about java games for some other phones as well. I normally use my mobile phone for calling purposes, messaging and the most important thing is for playing games. I don?t like to be idle and I need to divert my mind in something or the other and games are the only option which keeps me busy. I am waiting for your suggestions guys.

Nathen 04-02-2011 07:16 PM

Re: List of java games for all mobile phones
As we know that mobile carriers offer games and applications for getting exciting downloads from various portals . But there is an substitute, a variety of mobile Java games and applications are now available for free on the internet. Now we can get open source downloads at no cost. These series of games can vary from simple games and utilities created by some great hobbyists to some quite stylish programs. There are certain sites on network who are the pioneers in the market when you talk about free Java game and App downloads. Some of the java games that I play on my LG 225 are Tower Wars, the Penguin Menace, Arhats and Beauty center.

Alejandro80 04-02-2011 07:16 PM

Re: List of java games for all mobile phones
I have a couple of java games in mind for Blackberry 7100g like the 20,000 Feet and Falling, Big game safari, Bloktonik, then the Classic Solitaire, Lunch Break which was one of my favorite game in which you are supposed to manage a restaurant in lunch time. You can accept customers orders, and you can even deliver the customer with their order and even clean the table. Then there is one more game which is very exciting and that is Nuclear Tag Team. In this game you can choose a partner and you can save your nuclear bomb from the bad guys.

Zavier 04-02-2011 07:16 PM

Re: List of java games for all mobile phones
I have a Sony Ericsson 802SEmobile phone which, which is so handy and comfortable while playing games. I have a good collection of Java games in my Sony phone, like the Adventurer Legend, All powerful Policemen, an Evil Deity, Attack Breaker Pro, and College Basketball which is my much loved game. In this game you can choose the settings for play off, you can form your own team, you can even edit the names of the players, recreate your team. In College Basketball you will have five levels of difficulty, and the game has wonderful graphics and splendid animation.

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