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Valentine_Rash 28-01-2011 02:58 PM

Problems with wmiprvse
Hi, friends! Recently I've faced with very unusual problem. When I connect to Internet, through ADSL modem, and try to start any applications like skype, icq, opera or mozilla firefox, it takes a long time to start, when I tried to see through Task Manager , which application is delaying the starting, I saw wmiprvse.exe running. When I terminate this application(wmiprvse.exe), all other desired application start. but again wmiprvse.exe restarts and slows down other applications. I tried to solved it by my own. I read about it in internet but it didn't help. Scanners and antiviruses don't help much either.

Is there any solution? Thx in advance.

Orton 28-01-2011 06:54 PM

Re: Problems with wmiprvse
Well, i too can see wmiprvse running in my Windows XP background but am not facing any problem with any of the applications. So, i guess it wouldn't be the cause of your problem. To solve this issue, you should restore your system to any previous restore point. ABut anyways, if you wish to get rid of wmiprvse, then just checkout this article:

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