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Goldenbodied 15-01-2011 07:14 PM

Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
I have been looking around the internet web as well as Googling have yet to find an answer, so I m thinking I would request for a proper answer here. Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5. Will Maemo5 as well as its cool fresh interface run on the Nokia N8x0 cell phone? I have looking quite a few talks descriptive on the support for original hardware, 3g well-matchness as well as so forth, which involve to me that Nokia is sustaining their yet-unseen original N9xx string But a few connotation, such as its programmed liberate date tells me that they are going to sustain no less than some of the older hardware. So give your thoughts on this post.

sergioKomic 15-01-2011 07:15 PM

Re: Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
Maemo 5 will not run on Nokia N810. You will require to make a use of Mer. Mer is going to fill in for Diablo as the most important OS in the prospect since little if whatever thing will be complete anymore for the current Maemo 4x tree. Now with the spectrum that TV will provide us (if they ever become known to cut off analog) the FCC has determined to give us back the "people?s airwaves" and this will give bandwidth at a frequent that penetrates structures much improved than the cordless handset freq our wifi AP work on google it is a promising read.

CitricAcid 15-01-2011 07:16 PM

Re: Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
Maemo 5 approach today as an SDK simply since it targets the OMAP3 building and no OMAP2 compatibility will be authoritatively provided. The refurbish UI relying on graphics hastening and the new functionality build approximately the new carrying hardware ended it too complex to maintain the compatibility among both architectures. This near the beginning discharge comes with an request to build variants based on Maemo 5 companionable with present hardware like the N800 as well as N810. Maemo SW can't assure profitable quality for such configurations but with we are able to collaborate at a society level with scientific support, license changes as well as code.

!const 15-01-2011 07:17 PM

Re: Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
I have an n800 as well as a brand new n810(that I should read more concerning before ordering) and an n800 that I purchase because it appear that nokia was doing something original and I like gadgets, in particular *nix gadgets. I believe they have determined departure the gsm as well as 3g out was a mistake and now they desire to overlook the less coupled concerning years ago didn't they tell us WIFI would wrap the world for free in addition to that we would live in this associated utopia, well some cities enclose tried but you can approximately never get a practical join to them, unless you’re standing real close to the AP, so gsm/3g/hspda/wcdma is filling the whole left by the wifi pipe dream.

DotNetUser 15-01-2011 07:19 PM

Re: Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
Believe there is assurance (after the 770-fiasco) that tablets would be support for at least 2 OS2008-releases each. i attempt to search both google in addition to that talk for the exact source but was not capable to find it (hard to find look for terms that dont generate too much distinct noise). still i'm pretty convinced i remember this correctly as it was repeated several times with regard to N800-users (beside the lines of: they'd advantage from N810-upgrades as the N810 would observe 2 more OS releases which certainly would run on the N800, too.) also, iirc, the clarification for not maintening this promise was that they add up each diablo-SSU as an OS-release.

void 17-01-2011 07:30 PM

Re: Is it possible to have an OS2008 update in Maemo 5
You're being a bit unjust. Which S60 device do you contain They all use completely unusual firmware versions, and even the similar device may have unusual firmware in different regions. S60 firmware updates are very device- precise, and if you have a well-liked device (for example the N95) you will almost certainly get more than a few firmware updates each year. My Nokia 5800 has had four firmware editions since it commenced, that's concerning one update a month. That's a far superior update rate than the tablets have established almost certainly helped by the 5800's sales being on equivalence with the iPhone's. But several phones don't put up for sale well at all, and if no one buys them then there isn't much motivation for the manufacturer to concern a firmware update. No maker ever promises any firmware updates. I recognize public assert they do, but when you ask for several proof of this claim they never supply any.

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