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Aditya K. 15-01-2011 05:57 PM

Music making and OSC apps in maemo
I am still looking for several useful applications and many functions for OS2007/08 which permits us to produce some song, or organize melodious devices (through bluetooth or network) from my Nokia N800. There are quite many music applications for common Linux out there, but no one is worked to MAEMO. The adjoining thing I establish so far is PDPDA. This should follow the popular application untainted Data to maemo, but is unluckily unusable for me (the display objects do not permit text input, are much too small, and none of the incorporated patches works for me.

DotNetUser 15-01-2011 05:58 PM

Re: Music making and OSC apps in maemo
I haven't stumble upon anything additional than PD (haven't fuond it - I bounce to N800 and am waiting for the N810 because it price is quite hight and I m planning as my budget increases). I've been swallowing away on moving some of overconfidence to Maemo, but up to now there have been too a lot of roadblocks along the method. Getting auditory into the cell phone (meaning recording, not adding files) isn't probable at any honest resolution, and there appears to be small support for with the DSP. If the DSP was concerned, I believe editing auditory would be totally possible on the IT. You can make a use of PD (if it's functioning correctly) to organize something like an i-Cube?

sergioKomic 15-01-2011 05:59 PM

Re: Music making and OSC apps in maemo
Yeah I also think PD will worked you will require to use it to control the I-Cube, and also abundance of nice stuff I have on your Laptop and on your studio desk might be useful for application. You will also require look into the DSP (coded several DSP assembler several years ago myself), but did not come across any actual handle on this one. I do have the same opinion that audio recording is not really probable with excellent resolution, this is why I still expect for several MIDI or OSC transmitting surroundings (those protocols require very little bandwith in addition to processing resources). I play live electronics along a contemporary jazz company, and it would just be too cool to come out following my racks for the solos as well as squash wirelessly center phase.

Gunilla 15-01-2011 06:01 PM

Re: Music making and OSC apps in maemo
I m making use of Pd on Debian for several years now, so unsurprisingly I'm fascinated in running it on the n810 that I'm leaving to pick up soon. Concerning the patching, it's actually suggested that you produce your patches on a standard Pd vanilla install, and then perhaps experiment them in the Maemo SDK. Much easier. Is the auditory resolution a setback with the hardware, or the software? What would put off someone from just plugging in a bit like a Behringer UCA205 using an adapter? This is what I was preparation to try, as well as I'm just speculating if anybody has gotten it to effort. As far as calculating another box/synth goes, you might use flosk. Construct an interface in blaze as well as send that over to a Mac Mini.

MahaGuru 15-01-2011 06:03 PM

Re: Music making and OSC apps in maemo
Well just for entertaining I resolute to try working jokshore to the Scratchbox Chinook atmosphere. With some recompiling and alteration and the compulsory addition of Glade, it approach up. It doesn't do a great deal apart from look nice. Though the software discussion to ALSA, I don't make out how to "facilitate" emulation in the SDK for it to talk to the definite box to at least experiment audio. I'm guessing it would almost certainly work in the genuine device, though. The programs make serious use of Glade, and as I appreciate Glade isn't part of Maemo, I'm not certain how helpful this effort might be in the first place.

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