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RastogiJI 11-01-2011 03:03 AM

Precautions to take while backing up data
I have used several backup solution before and have lost data as well few times. Now I guess I need to take more precautions while backing up my data. Can you guys give me some ideas about what precautions need to be taken while backing up data. How about an online backup solution, How they work and are they really helpful after long period of time? What about tape disk backup or SAN?

GeforceUser 11-01-2011 03:05 AM

Re: Precautions to take while backing up data
The fear most often expressed by users at the computer repair their computer is that What will happen to my family pictures and vacation or music purchased via iTunes? In response to this concern that our team of computer repair at home offers regularly pass data backup and preservation on DVD. Yet each individual can easily implement the secure storage of personal files at any time, without resorting to a service computer repair. File backups on optical media: CD and DVD storage as your data is safe for permanent storage on optical disk CD or DVD, provided that they are properly stored (in its protective pouch, away scratches and excessive humidity). Note that it is very rare for a computer repair can restore data on a surface of optical disc frankly scratched or altered by solvents.

!const 11-01-2011 03:09 AM

Re: Precautions to take while backing up data
The first technique for your data storage is the simple regular burning all of your documents on optical media. This is sometimes laborious if you are in possession of a large number of documents, photos and music, yet it is the only effective solution is found as the simplest and most complete if the need for restoration is ie retrieval of data became necessary after a crash or after a computer repair your computer with the installation of a new blank hard drive. When the number of files becomes large, the full backup of all your data could be painful though it is there a more over, the multiplication of full backups. However, you may eventually opt for two other methods that have the effect of reducing the number of CDs or DVDs required for the operation.

Badrunath 11-01-2011 03:11 AM

Re: Precautions to take while backing up data
The majority of providers of Internet access called ISP provide you with storage space available after the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). With your username, your password and an FTP client, you can use the storage space for your ISP to upload it, that is to say to send your documents personal photos and videos through your Internet connection. This technology represents for us three disadvantages for individuals:

First in case of change of Internet Service Provider you lose the right to that storage space and thus the content in personal files in it.

Then, without training, using the FTP protocol can be an obstacle. It is for this reason that microcarrier computer troubleshooting Paris offers through the Internet training to become familiar with this technology and require a little special software to achieve the proper storage operations.

Finally, often the hive FTP hosted by your ISP is accessible and searchable through the Internet via http (as if it were a Web page). Thus, your private files and personal photos are not protected unless you undertake for yourself locking the http access to your FTP storage space and this is not done without a computer training properly.

MahaGuru 14-01-2011 08:15 AM

Re: Precautions to take while backing up data
When interventions troubleshooting home computer , users of external hard disk frequently confide use such material for backing up their data. I strongly discourages use of this technology and removable external materials to safeguard your personal data . Use as a transportation solution only during a holiday, a weekend with family or friends veered from where you wish to bring your movies and MP3 music This warning is not made without basis because every day our switchboard welcomes users upset that the result of an unexpected power failure of removable hardware (external hard drive or USB key) or Upon withdrawal of the material a little faster from the USB port or after a crash of Windows no longer find materials on their external media.

On the other hand, this type of support given its small size and ability to connect on different machines whether Mac or PC supports nomadic, transport and handling of the storage solution and thus increase the risk of damage after a physical shock especially when it is still hot after intensive use and durable.

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