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horuy 24-12-2010 06:35 AM

How to solve the intermittent error in windows media player
I got the fault of intermittent Windows Media Player - Server Execution Failed
I'm at present running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit version. Just in recent times started getting this error concerning 2 weeks ago. The initial media file I release with WMP works okay. All successive media files, despite of type, hangs for about a minute and a partially pops up an error.

Nice fault box with a scarlet X stop mark and then:
C:/path to the file I attempted to run/name addition of said file
"server implementation failed"

Task executive shows WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER in succession in background, stop the procedure does not assist. Resume explorer does not assist either. Full shutdown/resume just restarts the series. First file mechanism, then the rest don't. No time problem either, I can commence it, play songs all day, change songs at accidental, etc.. If I close it, then try to resume, I get the fault. Does not issue how long I remain among closing in addition to restarting. Does not matter what file is opened. This error is in the event log at times corresponding to my "server execution errors"

sergioKomic 24-12-2010 06:37 AM

Re: How to solve the intermittent error in windows media player
I tried possession of the codec register keys. I then uninstalled plus reinstalled the k-lite codec collection. Approximately all of my music then in progress working yet got a little of the same "server" errors, but quickly obtained that they were now restricted to just about 20 or so songs. I copied them over from my stored drive, and now they start as well. I had not attempted copying backups over originally. I've seen a pair of damage songs over the years, but not every one of them, ALL at once. 500+ MP3 files on a drive that were performing okay previously, just don't abruptly go bad. It really come into view that one of Microsoft's new "updates" to Windows Media Player caused MP3 file fraud. I've observe the library itself get corrupted (not because of Beta though), but have not observe it concern the files. Is it probable that enormous library that turn into corrupt can reason the files to corrupt?

denny walter 24-12-2010 06:38 AM

Re: How to solve the intermittent error in windows media player
I would propose you to create Windows Media Player as a default player" It was the default in anticipation of it broke and become not viable."Try dropping (or revolving off) video hardware hurrying by doing the subsequent" , trouble happens on ALL files, not just record tried this transform for fun, didn’t effort.
2. Now scroll down to Windows Media Player Network sharing service. 3. Right click on the service and select resume." There is no change I got the same error.

CodGuru 24-12-2010 06:39 AM

Re: How to solve the intermittent error in windows media player
If I had undertaking a guess, it would be that Microsoft is frightened to answer. If they corroborate that they do certainly have a difficulty that is corrupting files then they have a enormous issue on their hands. If they attach their heads in the sand and reject to respond, then the problem is incompletely defused. I find it ironical that this is imagine to be a "media pleasant" operating system, and up till now this is moderately logically the SECOND time in its very small life that they've have a file dishonesty issue (possibly the precise similar corruption issue.

MahaGuru 24-12-2010 06:41 AM

Re: How to solve the intermittent error in windows media player
I think that the clean boot (MSConfig) may not a answer. It is a troubleshooting contrivance that helps to ruling out other items. If you dash in a clean boot, and the MP3s don't get tainted, then clearly a bit of stuff else is reason issues. That's how I determined my WINDOWS MEDIA player crisis. Yes, it took me little days to footpath it down, but it only actually necessary an hour or so of interactive time altering the MSConfig alternative. It could be ZoneAlarm, it possibly will be AVAST. They also move forward out repeated update that could cause problems. I couldn't inform from your reply on top of if you in fact completed a full clean boot with ALL non MS services stop and ALL start up programs closed for a while. If you did, then I'd shift on to removing the codec packs. I'd too attempt changing the MP3 files all to Read-Only.

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