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Fanishwar 24-12-2010 05:55 AM

Installing MS-DOS on a VPC
I try in vain to install ms-dos for the first time and Windows 3.11 in a second time on a VPC. (From here). But I can not install on my virtual machine. In fact I do not know how. I created a virtual disk to install, but over there, no idea. Knowing that I have an exe to install. I found some tutorials to install Windows XP or Windows 98, but not MS-DOS. I know that I am working on old platform, but that is need of our company. So please don't ignore this, and help me as soon as possible. :notworthy

Warner 24-12-2010 05:59 AM

Re: Installing MS-DOS on a VPC
During the opening of your virtual machine, you must tell VPC to use the floppy drive (virtual or physical) and it starts directly. The thing is, you had a floppy DOS 6.0, but no floppy on your pc. So from another pc, I had images of these disks, but after several attempts, these images refuse to start at boot my virtual machine. Yet the necessary files were above ca. Well then how? Ask our friends in TechArena. I did not know how to do otherwise. Hope that you will get some hint from this post.

Fanishwar 24-12-2010 06:02 AM

Re: Installing MS-DOS on a VPC
But you just give me some enlightenment. I did not really want to put an old floppy drive on my pc but it came to me this idea, Install VPC on a PC (not too old) with a drive back to install this player, and re-uploaded my virtual disk on my pc. But hey, there's still something that remains unclear to me. The virtual disk is good but I find that the exchange of data with the host is not very practical. :blink: We are obliged to do from the virtual machine, so that an external program could also very well done. And it would be so much easier. I am expecting some help from here. (I didn't get it from anywhere. :crybaby: )

Lane 24-12-2010 06:06 AM

Re: Installing MS-DOS on a VPC
Use another machine with Windows XP virtual eg. load the 2nd disk and virtual disk with DOS. A DOS app that comes with another on the host COM port or network. Check some procedure of the MS-DOS that will help configured to use the CD-ROM and mouse. It will also help dispose of 615 KB of conventional memory available on the 640 possible under MS-DOS. The installation was simplified from images (.Ima) of the MS-DOS floppies. It will download a file .Rar (The Pack.rar) (30MB) with Virtual PC 2007, images of four MS-DOS disk, and an image of config. The config is also simplified by copying the files install.bat drivers cd and mouse and replacing the autoexec.bat and the config.sys but modified by them.

Addison_12 24-12-2010 06:13 AM

Re: Installing MS-DOS on a VPC
DOS virtual machine totaling can be installed on any ms-dos-based virtual machine. Dos virtual machine additions install the following files:
  • Fshare.exe - Makes it probable to utilize shared folders Between your MS-DOS-based virtual machine & the host operating system.
  • Cdrom.sys - Endow with support for the Virtual PC 2004 emulated CD-ROM drive.
  • - Tolerate Virtual PC 2004 to detect year When MS-DOS-based virtual machine IS idle and inactive gold involuntarily cycle down to CPU usage is The Physical computer.
  • - Offer Functionality mouse.

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