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Nakul2 21-12-2010 08:05 PM

Microsoft excel crashes in windows 7
I presently advance beginning windows Vista to Windows 7. But, when I at the present open Excel and instantly beat the X (close button) on top of the top-right area, Excel collapse. Is here a work-around to this? This wasn?t occurrence going on Vista. Sideways as of this, and some slight glitches e.g., hitting belongings on a directory takes everlastingly to control among tabs going on the Properties property-sheet, it is an extraordinary creation. Please assist me in getting the solution for this issue. Thanks for the solution in advance.

void 21-12-2010 08:08 PM

Re: Microsoft excel crashes in windows 7
Proverb my setting up is very well is one item, you did not reply the question. Did you effort a fix setting up of Microsoft Office 2007 and observe if it accurate the trouble? I have improved a Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64-bit fitting that I have been using as December 22nd 2006 by means of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 and I did not come across this difficulty. Do you occur to contain any add-ons intended for Microsoft Office set up? Have you examined your system by means of your Antivirus software? Does this come about in supplementary consumer accounts on the PC?

AADI-JI 21-12-2010 08:09 PM

Re: Microsoft excel crashes in windows 7
I have an important file version saved in Excel 2007 with Windows XP system; I recently switch to seven with the same version of Office 2007. In this book, I cannot copy information from other books because when I copy and then paste, white glue, and when I hit as text, when to change currency format Excel crashes. Take the same book that gives an error in seven to a system with XP and it works perfectly. I cannot stay the whole life with Windows XP. Please help me.

Badrunath 21-12-2010 08:09 PM

Re: Microsoft excel crashes in windows 7
In have done this thing to get the solution I open Excel and then the files, and then another and then another excel file, so it was in XP and I used to it. In seven if you open an Excel file and then another two files are opened on the same program, but I was accustomed to having the two open Excel programs worked well, not that I gave it to me now open the documents on the same program and there if I copy and files works normal unhappy. But if I open an excel file and my database, and then you see open another excel file and look for the inventory and if there no longer want to copy me. Strange because if I can copy other files as well but it is only this file that you cannot. Really so strange and so easy the solutions if anyone would happen but I think generally when a file is failing back and ready but you could not do the same, I want to die.

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