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Nakul2 21-12-2010 03:26 PM

Connection failed while opening files of office 2010
I am using Microsoft document connection on daily basis, before a week it fails. I am unable to use that. I cannot see my files and can?t sign in. This problem occurs when I am trying to open a file. It is very frustrating because in my word file it contents some important data files and I need to use on regular basis. I don?t know why is this happening if anybody having same experience then please give me some idea to solve this problem. If there is any additional software required to solve this issue then please let me know.

Badrunath 21-12-2010 03:36 PM

Re: Connection failed while opening files of office 10
I think there are different reason for this problem, one of this is, your Browser version. I think if your files are not supported with your current browsers version then you need to update your browsers version or you can try another browser for using this connection. Also there can be setting problem of your browser. You need to check your browsers setting. If your browser contents cookies and history stored and multiple ids stored then this problem can happens. Delete all history and cookies from the browser. For this you can use Ccleaner software.

MahaGuru 21-12-2010 03:37 PM

Re: Connection failed while opening files of office 10
First you check your memory of your computer which is RAM. if is this not enough to support that files then might have chance of this type of connection failure , then you need to upgrade you RAM memory . Another thing is your internet speed is it not enough to connect that files then you need to contact to then internet service provider. You can check by using ping command in your command prompt for checking is there any latency or not. I will suggest you to install Silverlight Version software its use full to tell you new version which is available before you doing any new task.

GeforceUser 21-12-2010 03:38 PM

Re: Connection failed while opening files of office 10
I think you should try that files to open on different computer or in different operating system. If your operating system is not supportable for that file so you need to first update your operating system and also update your drivers. And also check your internet connection, try to surf another sites and try to use yahoo messenger and Gtalk, if these working then connection is fine but problem might have in the connection only with that office files.

CitricAcid 22-12-2010 10:32 AM

Re: Connection failed while opening files of office 10
I think you need to check your windows security updates on the firewall if it’s not updates then you need to update first. There might have chances that your firewall not allowing your connection because of its old updates. Also you need to update your antivirus which you are using in your system. There might have the problem if it doesn’t allow connecting your internet connection to open these files.if still not opening then check your firewall and make it on.

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