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UNinaT57 19-12-2010 09:14 AM

Screen turns blank randomly after installing Windows 7
Hi friends, I had currently being installed and configured the Windows 7 RC version of 64 bits, the difficulty is now I am getting is that that when I?m functioning or playing a game on to mine laptop the screen turns out blank randomly, and also it also doesn?t shuts off, because I can appear that it is clearly been shimmering, but it doesn?t display nothing, and the computer doesn?t turns off, it still reply, any program that was running, still runs because I can hear it but I can?t view any of the things from the laptop, occasionally the image comes back and at times it doesn?t. Please help me. I want to work with windows 7 only.

kraal 19-12-2010 09:19 AM

Re: Screen turns blank randomly after installing Windows 7
I am very sure that your problem is with the graphic card, I suggest you to get the latest version for the graphics card drivers. If you get the latest version of update for the graphic card then download it as soon as possible. If that is not the problem then I think that it might be that yours graphic card would have got corrupted. Check it what the problem is.

Ernesto4 19-12-2010 09:28 AM

Re: Screen turns blank randomly after installing Windows 7
Try to perform the following steps to solve this kind of issue: 1. At the starting you verify that if the Windows 7 driver for the graphics card has been functional. If there is no Windows7 driver for this device then you better try the other operating system such as Windows Vista or Windows XP to check that how it works. Check out your brand and model of the graphics card, and we will help out you to locate the driver. 2. And if this problem presently takes place on a explicit game, then you please try to reinstall the game or else confirm if at present is a update for the card. 3. After the screen got blank, then you immediately press ?CTRL+ALT+DELETE? to call the task manager and check if there are any reply from the system. expect that this will surely help you out from the trouble.

Enriqueta 19-12-2010 09:36 AM

Re: Screen turns blank randomly after installing Windows 7
The cause behind is that the AMD implemented the eDP support subsequent to the Windows 7 DVD be ended. As a result, most of the AMD Radeon graphics driver onto the Windows 7 operating system trade DVD does not hold up eDP. AMD has free on the updated driver that repaired the eDP problem. The update must be integrated hooked onto the setup procedure for setup to complete productively.

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