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Amigot Fuyhen 19-12-2010 07:44 AM

Windows 7: Shutdown improperly when auto hibernation
Hello friends, I have a Computer that is running the Windows 7 ultimate on to it. When it auto hibernate as per the given situation in 'Power Options' I distinct in control panel. After that while I power on the system, the start-up alternative boot screen will approach up and says the machine is not shutdown correctly previous time and request me if I want to select safe mode or start windows usually. It perform like this each and every time while it boot up from a hibernation state, so I little bit get fright that I may misplaced my date on the hard drive several day for the reason that all auto hibernation is a improper shutdown. What can be th issue with it. Please help me out

Jacques25 19-12-2010 07:57 AM

Re: Windows 7: Shutdown improperly when auto hibernation
It appears to me that Cryptographic Services avoids the machine to entering in to the sleep mode. I would like to recommend you to verify this service condition, locate the startup for the Cryptographic Services to Automatic. Then better try an attempt to install the software one more time. To set the Cryptographic Services to Automatic startup, follow these steps: 1. Go to the run windows through the Start window and in that box type services.msc, and then you click on to the OK button. 2) select the cryptographic services, right click on to it and from that select the properties.3) now you will get the certain boxes, from the startup box click the automatic options, and lastly keep in mind that if the services is stopped then click to the Start button and if the services is performing then click Stop and then click on to the Start.

Vandam 19-12-2010 08:07 AM

Re: Windows 7: Shutdown improperly when auto hibernation
I will suggest you to do this: 1) initially go to the Event Viewer, in that select the option Windows Logos, check the system to view if any of the error is logged. 2) cheek and verify for the performance warning, in that : push the Start, from the menus go at the My computer and right click to it and select the properties, in properties click the Window experience Index and click to the Advanced tools, in that choose the performance related link to examine detailed info about the systems. 3) make use of Power Management tools to view the existing power configuration, you can run powercfg ?q command through the command prompt.

Steyn 19-12-2010 08:15 AM

Re: Windows 7: Shutdown improperly when auto hibernation
Besides, the descriptions point out that the \FileSystem\srvnet file is avoiding sleep. To determine it, please try to perform these steps: 1. Update the most new version for the network adapter driver through manufacturer web site. 2) what now you can do is click to the Control Panel through the Start button, in that select the Network and Internet options, through that go to the Network and Sharing Center, modify advanced sharing settings, select media streaming alternatives, now you can shut down the media streaming if you turned on previously.

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