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Noble 18-12-2010 02:50 PM

Need SBsettings to Toggle MyWi
Today I bought MyWi 4.7.7 via Cydia and facing a problem. Various forums have been searched, but that this error not found. It runs as it should, if I start it up. After exiting I have no way to connect me to the 3G/Wifi network. All settings are in there. Only after a reboot I can return to normal on the Internet. I will start again MyWi we start from scratch. Hence I need SBsettings to Toggle MyWi so that I can use it without any problem. I mean to say that I can easily switch between things without facing any problem. Any related solution can be helpful for me and I will be waiting for that.

Huron 18-12-2010 02:50 PM

Re: Need SBsettings to Toggle MyWi
The version of iPhone OS 3.1 just with all the possibilities of Tethering gotten on the planet but people MyWi manages to bring new functionality to version 3.1 or higher and that is why an update is launched for this MyWi application at an approximate cost of $ 9.99 in Cydia or RockApp. RockApp creators are the same as MyWi. This application not only allows you to use tethering but it also allows you to make a hotspot with your iPhone making it a router so that all your computers or wireless computers can connect. MyWi version that works with 3.1 or 3.1.2 is 3.8.1. This can be used to Toggle for MyWi SBSettings and that this new version adds support for the iPhone 2G. I hope that this reply will help you to rid of the issue.

Huron 18-12-2010 02:51 PM

Re: Need SBsettings to Toggle MyWi
Once installed, you will have no icon to launch the application. To access SBSettings, you have to slide your finger along the status bar is located at the top of the screen. You will then have a table with the functions / services that you can adjust to your liking. To close the table or SBSettings, press the little Red Cross top left or just press the Home button. To enable a service, tap the icon will change appearance / color to indicate if the service is active or inactive. the information on the active services such as IP address of your iPhone on Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi IP Address) or free space available on the iPhone (HDD Free and Available Memory).

Illinois 18-12-2010 02:51 PM

Re: Need SBsettings to Toggle MyWi
You will recognize the extensions because you SBSettings in the name or description of the extension as SBSettings Self-correction, Autolock SBSettings, iMobileCinema SBControl (SBSettings in the description), Location Services toggle (SBSettings in the description). If you want to install extension for SBSettings then you have to select the desired extension in the category App Addons: after that you have to press Install at the top right. Press Confirm top right. Wait for the setup and press Return to Cydia after installation. Press the Home button to close Cydia

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