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brynhildur 16-12-2010 03:02 PM

Does PCI-E 1X is a decent performer
I have observed the extremely dreadful presentation from PCI-E 1X cards recently? The issue I have observed with firewire and USB cards. As far as I know theoretically speed must be 250 MB/s but I even not approached it remotely. Framerates for firewire cameras are greatly superior during ordinary PCI firewire boards than all the way through whichever PCI-E boards I've experienced. This not only the issues of Firewire board, the USB boards are also included in this drastic behavior. The PCI-E is invented to comprise improved performance the PCI. Do you have any good choice of Firewire and USB boards that performed well on PCI-E 1X? Otherwise I hope that my measuring tool itself is not good enough? Do you have any other option for measurement?

Avikshit Sinha 16-12-2010 03:04 PM

Re: Does PCI-E 1X is a decent performer
You might know that USB 2.0 itself is imperfect to an abstract 60MB/s which in my incident it not at all goes of 30MB/s. There is nothing to do with PCI-e.As your camera concern its frame rates are restricted to what it chains. Usually a webcam, that is often 16 FPS, so for this rate 7MB/s is more than sufficient for 30 FPS. Actually speed is not dependent relative on PCI-e, it is all about the technology. The framerate is set for camera, not anything to carry out with the bandwidth that pci-e or usb or firewire is proficient of.

AzzamKhan 16-12-2010 03:04 PM

Re: Does PCI-E 1X is a decent performer
I need answer that why do you really need to purchase or use PCI card even while your computer already comes with USB 2.0 ports. I know that some of the older version of motherboards doesn?t include Firewire. For that you can use USB-to ?Firewire cable, converter or connector other than buying and struggle while installing to achieve its maximum speed. If your camera has been already set for low FPS you can?t alter it either in Firewire, USB or PCI-e.

Mariah-Simpson 16-12-2010 03:04 PM

Re: Does PCI-E 1X is a decent performer
For me it seems to be that not the either the card problem or the PCI-e problem. I think you are getting low speed and low FPS due to some issue with OS or a driver. Update the driver and OS. Test the speed with some good tool other than trying it from third party freeware tools. Re ?install firewire/ USB cards. Make sure that you are using the right cable for your camera that came along with it when you first bought. What kind of camera you are using is it a digital camera or a web camera itself?

Muwafaq 18-12-2010 10:12 AM

Re: Does PCI-E 1X is a decent performer
What kind of connector your camera uses, is it a USB or Firwire? As far as I know today?s recent camera are limited to USB 2.0, but I believe that the Firewire is much faster than PCI-e 1x. In your issue it seems to me that your PCI-E slot itself it not working properly. Have you tried that card in some other motherboard? I hope not. Did you try other cable for your camera? What is the FPS rate of your camera? These all things you should clear out before questioning.

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