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AADI-JI 14-12-2010 07:37 PM

Windows vista unable to run after pass screen
I am using windows vista from one year it was working fin but now I getting some problem with this. Its start lading but it showing pass screen which show it is loading and it’s showing continuously, I don’t know what the exact problem is. I know there is free utility but I can’t access because computer not getting start so please anybody having trouble shooting of this then please give me.If there any bootable CD or software then please suggest me.

Badrunath 14-12-2010 07:40 PM

Re: Windows vista unable to run after pass screen
There one process which you can follow for this process which called Sysprep Process
When Sysprep runs, it goes through the following process:
1. Verifies that Sysprep can run. Only an administrator can run Sysprep, and only one instance of Sysprep can run at a given time. Also, Sysprep must run on the version of Windows with which it was installed.
2. Initializes logging.
3. Parses command-line arguments.
If no command-line arguments were provided, the Sysprep window appears that enables users to specify Sysprep actions.
4. Processes Sysprep actions, calls appropriate .dll files and executable files, and adds actions to the log file.
5. Verifies that all .dll files have processed all their tasks, and then either shuts down the system, restarts the system, or exits Sysprep.

DotNetUser 15-12-2010 12:31 AM

Re: Windows vista unable to run after pass screen
Some of the startup mode you can use for solving this problem.Instead of safe mode fro startup use VGA mode on the boot choice menu.By using VGA mode booting is normal but it not forced to use VGA drivers all motherboards and video supports. If boot is successful that means your problem is related to graphic drivers.There might be chances of poor connection in slot; this generally happens a long time after the ram was installed. it can also happen with new RAM if you had moved your computer case from on place to another.jsu remove RAM clean it with dry cotton and insert again. Now restart you computer and check.

Bull50 15-12-2010 12:56 AM

Re: Windows vista unable to run after pass screen
You can solve this problem with out losing the vast majority of the data already on windows partition by using repair install windows. Its run setup without deleting data in the partition windows.If Windows came as element of a brand name software installation, I don't know whether you have this option, but if you start with a regular XP CD of the similar version initially installed you might.An XP Repair Setup will not damage your present Windows installation, but it can only able to fix things which Windows detects as corrupted, wrong or misplaced Windows files that are on your original XP CD. In the case of totally changed hardware, it will place Windows to another hardware situation.You will require a Windows CD of the similar version as the one of your Windows installation, and the Product Key, preferably the one that was used to install it, but it can be one for the same version as the one of your Windows installation.

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