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Viraana 01-12-2010 07:33 PM

windows 7: how to change default DVD player
Having a DELL computer with windows 7 pro. I basically use this machine for the internet surfing along with that some times to watching movies and playing games. There is no specific task to use the machine. Using the AVS DVD player, but the problem regarding is that whenever I insert nay CD or DVD in the drive, it does not gives me any option to play the file directly via DVD player in autoplay pop-up window. It only allows accessing the windows media player to play the file. I tried by right clicking on the DVD device, but there is no option ?open with?, to select the player to play the DVD file. What should I do? How to change the default DVD player in my machine? Any suggestion on this problem will be very much helpful for me.

Big Fish 01-12-2010 07:34 PM

Re: windows 7: how to change default DVD player
In a very simple way you can change the default DVD player in any windows environment. copy and paste any DVD file from disk, now right click on the icon o the file and select open with option, browse the player program that you are willing to ser as default player for your windows, if this one is not listed in the open with programs list. Now go to control panel and look for the autoplay option, there you need to mention the player file which one you select as default. Along with that select the option which is situated in the bottom of the screen for making the changes as default. The option will as like for apply the player for all this type of media files. So after that whenever you are double click on any DVD file or the file where you apply the changes this will open the selected player. And the player option will also present in the autoplay pop-up windows; you can directly play the file from that window or by double click, you can also play the file.

Shen 01-12-2010 07:34 PM

Re: windows 7: how to change default DVD player
If you are willing to do this for some of the particular type of file then there is another way to change the default player, whether for the audio or for the video file. Simply go to anyone of the file, for which you are willing to change the player. Right click on the file icon and proceed to properties and then in the general tab and select the open with option, just adjacent of that option you will see the browse button. Browse the player from your machine and select it as the default player for particular type of file. From then whenever you will play that type of file, this will play in the selected player. You can apply more than one player in different types of media or video file. Suppose if you apply this process in only one file then all the same type of file icons will be changed with the player icon. This is simplest and easiest way to change the default player, but I don’t think so this will mention the player option in the autoplay window. Try this.

Westlife 01-12-2010 07:35 PM

Re: windows 7: how to change default DVD player
I had the relevant issue in my computer, whenever I insert and video disk CD or DVD in the CD ROM drive, in the autoplay window there is no player is shows where as I applied VLC as the default player. Every time I have to play the video by right click on the video icon. This is also happens which I plug in the pen drive, I used to right click on the file icon and have to choose the player to play the video. Why this problem occurs any idea on this problem. I also tried by applying another player as the default player, but this also happens same. Any information to solve this problem?

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