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Abbyss 28-11-2010 05:26 AM

How to use add-ins in the presentations
Does anyone know how to use add-ins in the presentations? Here's what I tried: A presentation with macros is registered as ppam addin in the folder by default. This supplement is attached via either the Developer tab or by supplements etc options. The file is attached, I do not want to show that refuses to open the Powerpoint ppam because it is already open. Alt + F11 does not have access to the additional macros attached. Cons can be opened by the ppam directly by a double click if PowerPoint is not opened before. Alt + F11 does not have access even to vibe. Tried also with PPP: no better. The name of the macro is never seen, nor in the Developer tab or in the customization of the ribbon or toolbar for quick access. What to do? Thank you in advance.

Vandam 28-11-2010 05:26 AM

Re: How to use add-ins in the presentations
Have you tried this to attach your file to your MAPP powerpoint file? You open your own file, the window displays the code editor by F11 Menubar / tools / references / and with the "Browse" button, you returns in the file tree in Windows Explorer until MAPP desired file. Before closing the window "References", you assure that the added file is checked.

Villiers 28-11-2010 05:26 AM

Re: How to use add-ins in the presentations
That way I had not explored what I have to do so.
Step 1: removal of supplements through the options.
Step 2: In addition to the VBE reference to a ppam or PPP. A box was checked automatically "VBAProject" and when we click OK we have the error message: "Name of the module, project or library already used". vbaprojec is the name that appears in the Project Explorer. By changing this name, the connection goes well. Now in the Project Explorer ago under the project name, folder and file references an object "Reference to MesMacros.ppam"
Step 3: Back to the presentation. In additions there is ppam enabled.
But still no macro name anywhere. By cons once Powerpoint closed we lost the reference, while APS is the acs after the options. You might say that given what's the point, it does not lack much. A clarification: access to the model is approved and all the macros enabled. Thank you for the suggestion. It is unfortunately still at the starting point.

Ronchi 28-11-2010 05:27 AM

Re: How to use add-ins in the presentations
Vbaprojec is the name that appears in the Project Explorer. By changing this name, the connection goes well. Now in the Project Explorer ago under the name of Project References folder and the folder object. "Reference MesMacros.ppam" As I mentioned in the previous message, I do not know PowerPoint But in Excel, when you pass a reference directly to a file,

A) Macros file passed by reference are displayed in the window available macros (keyboard shortcut F8) and are available.

B) In VBA, you can call these macros directly by name without no problem. These macros must be in a standard module.

C) The act of closing a file with a reference, do not close the file used as reference (Excel) unless to do so by code...

D) When I open PowerPoint, the only supplements found refer to programs like "Antidote" and they do not appear in the list of open projetVBA in Editor Window code. Located anywhere in Windows Explorer? These are files you've created?

Beothuk 28-11-2010 05:28 AM

Re: How to use add-ins in the presentations
You open the file and look in the window of the code editor. In Module1, you find the events that can be triggered when placed in a file. app or. ppam This file also contains a class module ... PPAM Save this file. MSCP as a supplement. MAPP PowerPoint adds additional options / additions / bottom of the page -> combo -> Add-ins PowerPoint / reach Add button. Now you can open any file in powerpoint slide show and the first slide, you have the message "It begins" you to define the code in the events of the class module you'd like run ... well, you can define the code of other events module stantard file.

suyogthedon 07-12-2010 01:25 AM

Re: How to post a new thread?
can anyone give me information about posting a new thread?
i can"t saw any option either than replay post,
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Badrunath 07-12-2010 07:12 AM

Re: How to use add-ins in the presentations
Your explanations helped me also to understand why I had a duplicate name when referencing that I explained yesterday. If we add a command button on a slide, you have to go into presentation mode to be active, which is not the purpose of the maneuver (I speak) but actually can make a macro which launches a macro complement. It is a great step forward, the additional macros are available! I agree that there was an inaccuracy in my application. There are two phases in PowerPoint, the design and the use of the presentation in Slide Show. This distinction is not strictly speaking in Excel or Word, except perhaps in the Word forms. This means that there may be macros used in one of two phases. They have a different role and function. For now, I would like to make presentations without macros, but using a library of macros in the design phase. Thou hast thought the slide show. That?s how two tunnels intersect instead of meeting just to make one. Anyway I put it aside because it will come one day. For your cons solution opens the prospect of launching macros by the tape, remains to afford a change of ribbon programmatically. So help me.

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