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Selva-Star 25-11-2010 07:40 PM

OVI Suite stop synchronize messages choice
I have taken a brand new Nokia N8 mobile phone last weeks when used to connect the other device and press the synchronize messages nothing had happen on my Nokia N8 mobile phone. I have tried to remove Nokia N8 mobile phone and attached it again. My Nokia N8 mobile phone synchronizes everything and works fine except the messages. The applications just write that the "Syncing messages complete" but the record is empty.

GeforceUser 25-11-2010 07:45 PM

Re: OVI Suite stop synchronize messages choice
I have also come across with the same problem of the synchronize messages options on the OVI Suite. After sometime I had solved my problem related to the OVI Suite. I have only done the updates the version of the OVI Suite from my system and the same problem has got solved. You must try to do the upgradation of the same OVI Suite from the higher version hope you will solve your problem easily.

Bull50 25-11-2010 07:49 PM

Re: OVI Suite stop synchronize messages choice
You have to follows some of the point to remove this problem
  1. Go to Start>>Run and write %temp% and remove the Nokia folders.
    Windows XP

    C:\DOCUMENT\<username>\LOCALS\Temp\Nokia Remote Data Store

    Windows Vista or Windows 7

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp removed all the files in the "Remote Data store" of that exact thing (International Mobile Equipment Identity) IMEI No.
  2. Remove the device profile in the Nokia OVI Suite then attached and configure the device again with Nokia OVI Suite.
    Go to Nokia OVI Suite >> Options >> My devices >> "Remove this device" and connect and configure it again.
  3. Sync error may occur due to improper link and the system >> device interface as well.

    Repair Nokia Connectivity cable driver.
    1. Disconnect your mobile phone from system if linked.
    2. Open Control Panel and go to the ?Programs and Features?
    3. From the list of available programs, select ?Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver?
    4. Press on the ?Change? key on above toolbar.
    5. In the setup dialog box that pops up subsequently, select ?Repair? and choose ok. Wait for setup to finish.
    6. Restart the system if provoked.
    7. Now attach your mobile phone to the system. Driver installation must finished and Ovi suite must distinguish your mobile phone properly now.
    • Go to Control Panel >> Right press >> Programs and Features or add/remove programs "Repair" Nokia Ovi Suite.
    • Go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features or add/remove programs >> Right press and "Repair" Nokia Connectivity cable driver & system Connectivity result
    • In system "Update the device driver"
    • Go to Run >> write devmgmt.msc
    • And go to the 'Portable device' and right press <device> does 'Driver update'.

Selva-Star 25-11-2010 07:52 PM

Re: OVI Suite stop synchronize messages choice
I have tried all the above solution but I didn’t able to solve the same problem from my system. I am really getting lots of problem from this issue do anyone have the exact solution related to this problem such that I can able to solve this from my system. Any help associated to this will be appreciated. Thanking you in Advance.

DotNetUser 26-11-2010 07:03 PM

Re: OVI Suite stop synchronize messages choice
You try to do this on your system. I hope this solve your problem
Removed the "MDataStore.db3" file and attempt for synchronizing to Ovi Suite again.
Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Data Store
Windows Vista / Windows 7

Data Store significant if the user removes the above mentioned files or folders the entire user information in Ovi suite will an end to be available.
Every time you remove the MDataStore.db3 -file - you also remove the entire contacts and text messages that might be saved in Ovi Suite. Also additional metadata may be misplaced. So if you do not desire to lose shift the Nokia data store file to another location on your hard drive. This data store embraces contacts, calendar entries, notes, messages synchronized from the mobile phone. After connection, fresh Nokia data store will be produced in the place of corrupted data.

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