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NProtector 18-11-2010 06:39 AM

Ubuntu: how to save changes on Ubuntu installed in USB?
Hello friends, I have installed the Ubuntu Operating system in to the USB flash drive with the help of the Creating a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive. but when I install the some other program and then I restart Ubuntu, it does not save any kind of changes, which I made. I don?t understand why does it happen? There may be some or the other way to save the changes. What should I do now to save the ubuntu installed in the USB?

SalVatore 18-11-2010 06:50 AM

Re: Ubuntu: how to save changes on Ubuntu installed in USB?
While creating a bootable live USB, what you are doing, you are creating more that of the Live CD type rather than that of an actual install. If you have the 1 GB or the larger USB flash drive then it won?t work, I recommend a 4GB flash drive if using persistence. If you do it with the persistence, it will get you the persistence but it will still be basically a liveCD. Make use of the larger flash drive to create the installation file of the Ubuntu.

windows_user 18-11-2010 06:55 AM

Re: Ubuntu: how to save changes on Ubuntu installed in USB?
I had done it once, what I tried is I have taken the Live USB and after it is booted, run the install Ubuntu icon and then install I in to the second 4GB USB stick. It is very important to remember that, get the grub installed on to the USB stick rather than that of the MBR. Otherwise your machine will not be able to boot without the disk. It seemed to me that it run quite faster than that of the normal Live USB.

Enriqueta 18-11-2010 11:42 PM

Re: Ubuntu: how to save changes on Ubuntu installed in USB?
You can create persistent Ubuntu on to the Flash Drive, so you can boot from the flash drive and save changes and the files. The operating system running from the USB flash drive is well supported by the standard Ububtu setup and you may have the large number of tutorials from the Follow this procedure to create the Ubuntu setup and also you can save changes to the flash drive, burn it to the CD the right Ubuntu ISO.
? First boot it from that CD.
? Then plug that in the target USB drive.
? Run the startup disk creator which is found under system/administrator in to the menus.
? Select the first target drive and the CD, if it is not properly selected automatically then choose how much space you want to reserve for the changes. And then click to the "make startup disk" and wait for it to finish.
? Now shut down the Ubuntu and then restart from the newly populated USB drive and then give it to the test.
? Now it is installed in to the USB drive in such a way that any changes you will save will directly goes to the block of space reserved for such changes- it will include installing the new program, saving documents and also updating the existing one. Now the changes are available to you when next time you boot using the USB drive. Not changes will be made to the existing drive until and unless you mount it using the new installation.
It will work well and equally, whether you are using the flash based USB stick or an external drive connected with the help of the USB drive as long as your system supports booting from such kind of media.

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