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UselessGuy 29-10-2010 06:49 PM

Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store
I have seen the same issue on many forums which I am facing while dealing with an iTunes form Windows XP system. Actually i was willing to add up a credit card to the payment info of my iTunes Store Account. But it showing me an error as Invalid Security Code! I am 100% sure that the code which I have entered here is correct then what has happened to an iTune Store? I have tried it many times but getting the same result every time.

Paxton 29-10-2010 07:23 PM

Re: Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store
If you are very much sure that the password which you have entered is not wrong then you should immediately call to an iTune customer service so that you can confirm that they have got some wrong information about the password. As this issue is regarding the security code about which nobody would be having any information, You have only option to discuss about this issue with an iTune Customer Support.

Owen 29-10-2010 07:26 PM

Re: Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store
Possibly the server issue could be responsible for such an inconvenience. I guess you should try doing the same thing after logging out and then log in to your iTunes account. Once you get entered then enter the password for your credit card. If you are getting the same error this time as well then you should try changing the password which might solve this issue.

Pugsly 29-10-2010 07:34 PM

Re: Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store
I have seen lots of users having this kind of issue which seems to be some kind of incompatibility of the browser which you are using to interact with an iTunes Store. I recommend you to do the same thing from some other browser which may not show any such errors. I guess Mozilla Firefox would be best to this thing as I have done it many times by using the same browser and haven't seen such problems yet.

Gonzo 29-10-2010 07:52 PM

Re: Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store
I have given you some steps to solve this issue. Go to the Apple Store online and click on an Account and then click "Change account information", Here you have to enter an iTunes ID and password. You must see your account-profile page, Delete all the characters from the Card Number field under the Method of Payment. Never forget to click on the Continue after making any changes on the page or else information won't be saved.

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