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Ascetic 29-10-2010 05:26 PM

iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
I am using iTunes 9.2 on my iPhone, iPad as well as iMac. The problem is that iTunes keep on asking me to verify my account information whether I use iPhone, iPad or iMac, I verify and transaction went away. It does not matter even if I am doing free update fro an application. The error message I get is that the transaction has taken place on new device and it need to verify my account information. The account verification list all my card data and address right the problem is that I need to keep entering my security number. I contact to customer support and they tell me to delete and re-enter my card information but it does not help to get rid of this issue. Does any one else is having such type of problem? Do you have any idea to get rid of this problem.

Eric B 29-10-2010 05:36 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
I too have the same problem, even if I try to update or install a free application but iTunes is still asking me to provide my billing information. i do not understand why apple need my billing information even for free applications? Every time I have to through the process of entering my debit card secutity information. The message I got is always same saying this account has been access by a new device.

Glenny 29-10-2010 05:45 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
Even I have the same problem so I called Apple customer support and they said I should try to update from iOs 4.0 to iOs 4.1, I have tried this but the problem still exist. Then I call them second time and this time they said that bank is rejecting the request for verification and that's why it keep asking to verify payment information.

ZeDaX 29-10-2010 10:09 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
Have same problem I was trying to purchase a gift certificate for a birthday present. i have tried this more than 20 times and everytime I get the same message saying that my credit card has been denied and needs to be updated.So I checked it but everything is fine and up-to-date. I click on done and again get the same message I have tried with two different cards- same trouble. So today morning I call to my credit card company and they told me that there is not wrong with my account and they note $1 prior authorization from iTunes. I send mail to itunes but it will take 48 hours for a response.

michaels 29-10-2010 10:16 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
I keep asking to apple support whether it is required that if you move to a new device with which you have not make any previous purchase, I need to re verify my payment method.I did not got any valuable suggestion with them and they always reply:
1. to delete and reenter my credit card information. Which I have done it several times and it does not make any difference.
2.Check with your credit card provider if you are having security trouble.
3.You should try to upgrade your Operating system.
I have stopped using to buy stuff from iTunes as it is very inconvenient.

Santy 29-10-2010 10:24 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
I had seen this solution before and computer I used is logged into iTunes store account. The problem is that it seems to forget that a device has been verified.Once you change your device for purchase or using a new device to make a purchase and verify your account with that new device then your original device is forgotten and you are suppose to verify your account again and again. But I think apple is not interested in resolving the problem is that they have left their customer dehydrated. I read on forum there are a lot of guys having this issue. Hope that Apple would provide any fix soon.

Orton 29-10-2010 10:30 PM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
Well after sending email to them including the screen shots of error message.Finally I got an email from apple and they have quoted that Apple is currently working on this issue reported by us and we will receive an email as soon as the matter get resolved and further information will be made available. Which I think is to be identical to message and they may be taking this issue seriously.And hope they may provide fix to this problem soon.

ronjn 31-07-2011 12:29 AM

Re: iTunes keep asking to verify my payment information
I have the same and similar problem. They took a perfectly functioning credit card, did a completely unrequired verification for a "free" purchase no less, and then blocked the sale because I updated my mailing address on the credit card to a forwarding address in Texas. When I complained about being charged a sales tax in Texas, where I don't live, they terminated my account and told me to open a new account in order to pay the appropriate sales tax, the absolute idiots. NH doesn't have a sales tax. Now, I'm being told that I have to repurchase the previously paid for application because I supposedly didn't buy it. Hell can freeze over before I ever buy another app and I will certainly never buy an I-Pod. Morons and idiots!!

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