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Wamilr 14-10-2010 01:10 PM

Video Converter for Ubuntu !!!
Hi, I am using Ubuntu Linux operating system. If you see there is number of software in market available for XP, VISTA, WINDOW 7 but very few software is there for Linux based operating system. I am looking for video converter. Actually i want a converter which convert any video file into other video file format. So please reply.

Eric B 14-10-2010 01:19 PM

Re: Video Converter for Ubuntu !!!
You are looking for video converter software. If you want to format video file into .3gp you have to write a code which will convert your video file into .3gp format. There is number of example. But i am giving you one example to understand it. For 3gp encoding i found the example are as follow:
ffmpeg -i inputfile.avi -s qcif -vcodec h263 -acodec aac
-ac 1 -ar 8000 -r 25 -ab 32 -y outputfile.3gp

Glenny 14-10-2010 01:26 PM

Re: Video Converter for Ubuntu !!!
If you want software for Ubuntu Linux operating system you have to first find the details of supporting software which will support on your Ubuntu Linux operating system. I think there is also a software for Ubuntu Linux operating system. So need to worry about that. Some converter you will get which are not only just useful or video files but also for other file too.

JonathanD 14-10-2010 01:36 PM

Re: Video Converter for Ubuntu !!!
I will help you to solve your problem. There is a DivX Converter you can use to convert your video files. DivX Converter Convert variety type of video format like m4v;dv;dif;wmv;wma;wm;asf;ass;ra;ram;rm;rmvb;moov;mov;qt;mqv;ogg;
ogv. There is number of video and audio filters are there. Many Preset from normal to hight quality ard available.

Macarenas 14-10-2010 01:59 PM

Re: Video Converter for Ubuntu !!!
If you have a idea for linux there are too many audio or video converters available in market. They are divided into two type GUI based or command-line based. WinFF is a GUI for the command line video converter. Video file that FFmpeg will convert also converted by WinFF. At one time WinFF convert multiple files in multiple formats.

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