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Lambodar 14-10-2010 05:30 AM

Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
Where do you locate the chkdsk log in Windows 7 (32-bit) Home Premium. I am an innovative Windows 7 user. I utilize Chrome, and on every occasion I download something utilizing with the intention of browser, I get an announcement Chrome.exe corrupt file: the file or register users/rachel/downloads is corrupt and incomprehensible. Give pleasure to run the chkdsk utility. I have encompassed and run chkdsk once; it does not seem to have fixed the tribulations. It in addition takes everlastingly. Is there a method to run it so it immediately hecks with the intention of specific folder. Other stuff I have comprised and tried: a Registry cleaner, redownloading chrome. When I utilize Firefox, I don't get this error message what must be the problem here.

Zavier 14-10-2010 05:30 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
I take for granted you mean open the "event viewer", beneath the "Windows Logs" folder open the "Application" folder and in the "Source" column give the impression of being at the "Winlogon" entries. The entire that is ever exposed are 2 dissimilar event notifications. NO chkdsk logs. (and I checkered a month?s worth of "Winlogon" entries.) There be supposed to be genuine files (.log or.txt) located moreover on the "root" drive or the "Windows" folder with the intention of contains the information in srquence of what occurred during the implementation of the CHKDSK command previous to bootup. At one time it might be originate in the "bootex.txt" file, additional than I be able to find no such in Win7.

DanielV 14-10-2010 05:30 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
In the right hand panel of the occasion viewer you be supposed to observe a panel of "Actions". You desire to "Save All Events As..." and then choose .txt format in the file save dialog. If you merely desire to save a number of particular entries, utilize "Filter Current Log" and "Save Filtered Log File As...". From time to time, Windows 7 fails to documentation log in Event Viewer. I immediately ran it on a corrupted disk drive for regarding 3 hours. When the system booted up, I investigate Event Viewer for the log additional than it is not there. I work on PC's frequently and have seen this occur several times on Windows 7.

Enriquee 14-10-2010 05:31 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
For this you have to go to Start > and them you have to open the Run command and type: eventvwr.msc /s, and hit enter. When Event Viewer opens, hit it off on "Application", then scroll downward to "Winlogon" and twice hit it off on it. This is the log generated subsequent to working with Checkdisk. Immediately to clarify, winlogon demonstrates up in the submission section of the event viewer. After that you have to Start -> Run -> type "eventvwr.msc" (no quotes) -> ENTER. Hit it off on Application and choose the for the most part recent winlogon entry. It's situated in Event Viewer -> windows protocols -> application, item "wininit". I encompass czech version of Vista, so perhaps my translation is not totally correct, additional than you be supposed to locate it by at present. On the other hand, when working with next scandisk, immediately insert USB flash drive previous to the scan. Subsequent to Vista reboots, you determine to locate the log file in the root of USB drive.

mesterio 14-10-2010 05:31 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
And immediately so you are conscious Of the subsequent, the Windows XP examination Pack 3 Tech Net Forum Is 4 Installation tribulations by means of Service Pack 3 For XP merely According 2 their Moderator! The entire additional Windows XP Issues Are sustained or maintained 2 Be position In The Microsoft Answers Forum 4 XP! Based on my investigate, the make sure Disk result be able to merely be situated in Event Log and I'm frightened that there is no additional log file on the apparatus.

Conqueror 15-10-2010 12:13 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
Does this problem happen previous to installing Windows 7. Here, I recommend working with CMD.exe as administrator and then enter the consequent command to switch to Drive D: to make sure if several error codes are conventional. If you be able to switch to Drive D: without several tribulations, please first generate a innovative folder named as Backup in Drive C: and then re-run CMD.exe as administrator and input the consequent commands to backup your files and folders on Driver D: to Drive C: to maintain absent from data loss. XCOPY D:\ C:\Backup Note: C is the disk label of which you desire to back up the data. Most of them be able to revolutionize it according to the disk on which you desire to back up the data. Consequent to finishing the backup, please format the Driver D to make sure if the drive be able to be recognized by Windows 7.

Apalachee 16-10-2010 12:19 AM

Re: Windows 7 chkdsk log file location
You have to make sure/bring up to date the usual suspects first: - System BIOS - Mass storage space drivers subsequent to you have completed the BIOS and mass storage space driver updates create certain to observe if the tribulations tranquil exists. If necessary/probable backup you D: drive, wipe it, and write a number of test files to it i.e. text, graphics, xls, etc. What are you utilizing your D: drive for. VirtualBox I take for granted is a virtual apparatus host, yes, Is the VM utilizing a virtual disk file, or is it unswervingly accessing the D: drive. I am immediately wondering if VirtualBox is the culprit.

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