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abela 29-09-2010 06:16 AM

XPS M1530 running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100)
In my start with my dell laptop I was using windows vista and believe me that it is biggest polluted operating system I have ever seen in my life. So I made format on my machine to install latest windows 7 64 Bit RC1 on my laptop to get rid from vista. I am using it from last 4 days and I can say that I LOVE it! To installing windows 7 on my machine it took just 30 minutes which is less then windows vista. Windows 7 has made its process easier as you were not seeing in windows vista. After installing my OS , I was very happy to install its drivers very easily. After doing these I went for my wifi card, touch pad, Bluetooth and all got installed perfectly. What all to say, windows7 is a refined version of windows vista and it is much and much better then windows Vista. I have also install BIOS newest version A12 on my system. I have also installed all nvidia graphic cards on my system. When I run my windows7 first time, I noticed that it was utilizing RAM less than Vista. But in software compatibility I have problem with Adobe Premiere CS3 and it is the only application in which I am getting issues. It gets load but not able to recognize my HDV options to start new projects. If anyone has any idea to repair this problem please provide me here

Nathen 29-09-2010 06:26 AM

Re: XPS M1530 running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100)
You have not mentioned here that which laptop you are using. Have you install windows 7 on your Dell XPS 1530 laptop in complete operating system? Or have you install onlyvirtual machine? I do not think so XPS 1530 support windows 7 properly. I have contacted with dell service center and one dell technician told me that windows 7 is not well-matched with XPS 1530 and they also harshly advise me for drivers issues. So if you are with xps 1530 then you have to go through dell tech advises to get solutions

abela 29-09-2010 06:38 AM

Re: XPS M1530 running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100)
Yes I am using dell XPS 1530 laptop. I have installed new copy of windows 7. I am using vista kernel and all driver for vista worked fine. If you any other doubt go nvidia website form where I have downloaded all windows 7 video card drivers. Everything else on this laptop is working fine. It had recognized automatically my wireless card and I am able to use internet connection on it. The only problem is just Adobe premiere CS3. I am running one more windows 7 RS OS on other partition in my Dell 1530 laptop. My touch sensitive volume controls control is not working and after installing Dell Quickset has no effect.

KennedII 29-09-2010 06:45 AM

Re: XPS M1530 running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100)
Mr. Nathen you said that windows 7 is not compatible with Dell XPS 1530. It’s strange that you are not able to use your touch sensitive button for volume while in my case I am able to work on this touch button. The only trouble I am seeing is that, it is not showing volume changing bar on screen while I adjust volume through that touch sensitive button. I have tried almost everything but still I am not able to get solution.

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