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HeerePanna 25-09-2010 02:40 AM

How to use UPnP?
I have recently bought a new Asus O!Play player and i want to use the UPnP of this player on my windows XP computer system. But the problem is that i do not know how to use the UPnP of with this player. What is the proper procedure by following which i can use this beautiful feature. Is there anybody who has used this player with the UPnP feature.

Solomon 25-09-2010 02:47 AM

Re: How to use UPnP?
The UPnP architecture in Windows XP has to work the Internet gateway device are displayed in Network Connections. To ensure that the device appears in the Network Connections , click Start , Click Run , Type ncpa.cpl and then click OK . Look for the Internet Gateway device. In addition, the router must appear in the network environment. the router is displayed, click in the navigation area network connections on Network Neighborhood , and look for the router. Please note that the name that appears is the name of the router. To enable UPnP on the router you get the router product documentation.

jesse 25-09-2010 02:53 AM

Re: How to use UPnP?
  1. Click Start , Click Run , Type appwiz.cpl and then click OK .
  2. Click Windows Add / Remove Components .
  3. Click in the window Components on Network Services , and then click Details.
  4. Enable check box Internet Gateway Device and UPnP User Interface in the window Subcomponents of Networking Services If you are not active.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Or if you make any changes, close the software window and Control Panel .
  6. Start the MMC snap -in. Just click on Start , Click Run , Type Services.msc and then click OK .
  7. Search The SSDP Discovery Service In the list of services.
  8. If the status is not started is , double-click The SSDP Discovery Service To the dialog box Properties of SSDP Discovery Service to open .
  9. On the field Startup Type on automatically , and then under Service status on Start . Then close the dialog box Properties of SSDP Discovery services .

Dr. V 25-09-2010 02:58 AM

Re: How to use UPnP?
Once you are done with setting up an UPnp on your windows machine then you have to add the media files to the library of Windows Media Player 11. Click on the Library and then click on an Add to library which will add media files to the database. But please note that there are limited file formats which can work with Windows Media Player?s library as Windows Media Player 11 only supports a limited video formats.

Lillebror 26-09-2010 06:30 AM

Re: How to use UPnP?
Prior to configuring UPnP Media Player, You have to setup the network and pass network through LAN or WLAN on your computer. Gaze at the TV screen to operate O!Play then go to the Home page by Home page > All Media/ Movies / Music/ Photos files. If you wish for to watch the video files, select ?All Media? or ?Movies? to continue, click ?OK? and enterUPNP?. Select the ?Share my media? and an (unknown Device) icon then select an unknown device and click on Okay. If there is no unknown device then click on ?Settings? and click ?Allow new devices and computers automatically ?.

MrChris- 26-09-2010 06:30 AM

Re: How to use UPnP?
Because that the device appears in the Network Connections (Network / Properties) Of Windows XP and you can view the current connection settings, and even cut the connection of the device to the Internet. This latter option in a corporate network, not jokers is open , you should have disabled the connection control of UPnP in the router setup better.

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