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Kickapoo 16-09-2010 01:12 PM

My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
Here I installed new software and as usual it has rebooted but it turns out that I put a question mark! I tried everything cmd + Alt + P + R the disc to install my HD does not appear. Do you have any solution then please help me. Thanking you advance

Pugsly 16-09-2010 01:12 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
So you managed to boot from your installation DVD, but at this level he does not see your hard drive? I suppose that once started on this DVD, you went into the Utilities menu or I do not know what name does you open ?Disk Utilities?. There you should be able to see your disk and repair and repair permissions. Make several passes. But if at this level you do not see your hard drive. I fear that it becomes damn.

Regina 16-09-2010 01:13 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
I'm not sure what! Your bp appeared after the installation of new software or after installing a new OS? Start by holding down the Option ( ALT < = > pan ) until you see receive the or individual disks that may contain a file system. When you hand ( depending on the machine it may be long) , click on the icon for your disk and continue. You can also force the start in X now the X button pressed at startup. If none of that works, boot from the installation DVD, choose the language and select in menus ?Disk Utility ?. When the application is launched, you choose your internal hard drive, you click on "Repair "and when he finished you click on ?Repair Permissions "because it cannot hurt ! Then you quit "Disk Utility "and you leave the facility. It will ask you to set the startup disk and you select your internal drive and ... you pray. The period of response from the community, should not be pressed ... we Saturday morning coughed ... especially for a subject started an hour ago, just.

Gonzo 16-09-2010 01:13 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
Thank you all

Following the installation of software ( Digidesign Pro Tools HD )
  • I tried everything possible ( all orders)
  • can I do reset to the motherboard?
  • I guess for the battery you must remove the screen?
Thank you

Bon-Z 16-09-2010 01:13 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
Pro Tools HD, I was convinced that this version required of the hardware specific! Kind of PCI cards like at the time of CT. On my iMac 24 aluminum version 8LE runs without problem but I never thought that the HD could! This is basically it does not explain your points. Your internal drive is it recognized by Disk Utility when you boot from your installation DVD?

Simond 18-09-2010 02:17 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
Otherwise you take a USB 2 to 49 $. Cheap but poor preferences will also be there . To see by its uses. I will change one of my discs box because I want to put a 2TB in one of my boxes FW800 and new package will be USB as cheap and good enough for my backups occasional TimeMachine.

Antonio1 20-09-2010 01:58 PM

Re: My Imac Alu 24 appears a question mark
I have both, aluIce is a bit more responsive, less "cheap? to touch: the silverdrive it is not at the beginning its aluminum, but both at the finish ( better even the closed side facing the fence of the aluIce ? ) may be less noisy (it may depend on the HD inside: I did not see what was inside each box, it is surely essential that our comments previous ) and noting that both have a big LED blue which can be very visible in low light (I had my desk in my room)

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