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jasondimass 15-09-2010 08:59 PM

MS Project assistance - creating a plan
Hi Guys,

I am attempting to create a plan and would like MS project to realise thatall tasks cannot be completed in one day. For eg

Task1 - 4hrs
Task2 - 3 hrs
Task3 - 6 hrs
Task4 - 2 hrs

As a working day is only 8 hours long I'd expect MSP to allocate tasks 1 and 2 together on day 1 and 3 and 4 on day 2. I realise I can make each one a predecessor of the former, but I use tasks for true predessesors (ie to paint a wall the wall must be built first).

Is MSP capable of looking through a list of tasks and splitting them accordingly based on hours in the day?

Janos™ 23-05-2011 12:47 AM

Re: MS Project assistance - creating a plan
Well, I think that if you have set start dates to your tasks that's how they remain. If you can make each of those task a predecessor to the other for them to shorten up if one finishes sooner then planned. After that only you would be able to see (based on your description) that the resource is less utilized then previously reported over that work period.

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