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Latafat 22-07-2010 04:51 AM

Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I cannot have right of entry the PayPal Plus Credit Card information in sequence on my PayPal site. I used to sign in at GE money bank additional than that site is closed. Are supplementary protected out of online transaction data etc. I have comprise identical tribulations. The entire I get is the identical answer. You necessitate to hit it off here, then here. My card is not tied to this account for a number of reason. Something requirements to be fixed on PayPal side.

Eber 22-07-2010 04:52 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I am having the similar tribulations. I used to be capable to have right of entry my PayPal plus credit card account from side to side PayPal, additional than I be able to no longer locate the link. Anybody be familiar with where it went. I have comprise and had the identical troubles for the past month where I was unable to pay online for the reason that the whole "PayPal plus card" section was gone. If I call additional than once regarding the equivalent problem, I determine to get an entirely dissimilar answer every time. I cannot wait until I am able to pay this thing off and close it.

DeMario 22-07-2010 04:53 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
You have encompassed to interact by means of your account from side to side the PayPal site merely. When you sign in, and you view your account beneath "My Account" tab, then selecting "Overview" subheading, you position your PayPal Plus Credit Card reference information in sequence. You have comprise the alternative substitute of selecting one of moreover links: "Make a payment", or "View card details". I opened my account from side to side the PayPal site, and experienced an tribulations, and attempted to log into my account through the GE Money site.

Caiden 22-07-2010 04:54 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I was not capable to, and when I spoke by means of a delegate, he stated that if I have comprise a PayPal Plus card, the merely means of accessing the account is from side to side the PayPal site. He in addition said, that if account holders moreover opened their account by means of GE Money, or individuals were capable to have right of entry their account through GE Money, neither would be capable to have right of entry it through the GE Money site. If you are unable to have right of entry your account information in sequence through the links mentioned above, then there seems to be an tribulations, and you be supposed to communicate by means of PayPal. Anticipate this helps.

MaCiNToSHeR 23-07-2010 12:16 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I am having the unchanged problem, cannot pay online as I always encompass. Then I might not log on to GE money bank moreover, it was apparently redirected link. Actually frustrating, there is not even the link on my PayPal site "observe credit activity" on my account overview page. I have had a PayPal account for ten years and this is immediately not possible to resolve, I even emailed and called together PayPal and 'PayPal plus - GE Money bank' they together say it is the additional supplementary or less. The entire I be able to say is terrible service and sorry I ever got the PayPal plus card. I in conclusion gave up trying to create a payment online and had simply five days to mail it by snail mail, I am certain it was late and at present in all probability have my first late fee :smileysad: I determine to pay it off and cancel the card!

Balamohan 24-07-2010 12:04 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I in addition had the same problem. I must encompass called 3-4 times (PayPal 800 # and 800 # back of the credit card) and submitted numeral of emails without resolving the tribulations. Last cc support rep. said it must be linkage tribulations connecting PayPal and PayPal credit card account, additional than he might not resolve the tribulations in view of the fact that specialist was not obtainable atm. Well, I tried and I am certain PayPal is aware of this problem, additional than for some reason it cannot be resolved until to talk to the right person. I ended up canceling my card and requested to mail my balance to pay it off. This has been a frightening. I aspiration they be able to reimburse hours that I have comprise spent trying to resolve this tribulations. If I might, I want to run away from PayPal in addition, additional than I eBay a lot and bing cashback is beneficial. If I locate a superior shopping/auction site than eBay.

Baltazar 25-07-2010 12:03 AM

Re: Access to PayPal Plus Credit Card transactions
I completely understand everyone's aggravation by means of this account. For Heaven Sakes a multibillion dollar company similar to PayPal, changes things and on one occasion the entire in excess of again not for the superior I might add at present none of us be able to moreover have right of entry our PayPal plus account or make online payments what a joke. I actually do not understand why they be able to get it right. Perhaps an email or contact by means of the Federal Trade Commission or perhaps a call to our local congressman would be in line here. Rates are high, service is poor, do not be familiar with what to do nobody actually uses snail mail anymore for bill payments its in addition my belief that PayPal determine to never read nor respond to our attempts to advise them of a serious tribulations moreover.

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