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Acolapissa 22-05-2010 04:50 AM

Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
I write it right subsequent to I put my first loop mutually. So, I desire to knew what someone that knows nothing regarding water cooling required to hear. In addition I am presently a real straightforward person, that carries in excess of into the majority stuff I do Speaking as a WC noob, it would be great to have a guide that explained a bit regarding the dissimilarity connecting barbed & compression fittings and the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Common 22-05-2010 04:51 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
At present for a CPU merely loop, his chart on flow is not that significant. If you plan on adding several additional blocks to your loop although (i.e. VGA, NB/SB, Mosfets), you are going to desire something with superior flow. At present for your decision appreciate that the dissimilarity in the 3 blocks you recommend is a matter of 3 or 4 degrees tops, so inquire yourself "Is it worth paying twice the price for that dissimilarity. At present when it comes to water blocks, you used an additional round of water blocks on i7 review versus price to create your own decision.

Abbie 22-05-2010 04:52 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
The Radiator selection is departing to depend on your case, your CPU, and what type of over clock you desire to work. I merely have knowledge with my i7 920 as far as CPU's go. Individually, I have a NZXT Tempest case so you had to go with a thin radiator as that's the entire that would fit inside the case. You utilize a Black Ice GT Stealth Xflow 240, and it keeps my i7 nice and cool clocked at 4.0 (68c max core on LinX 20 runs, 53c max at the same time as gaming). As this is my merely experience on the matter, I recommend you look approximately and ask questions regarding what radiator would be right for you.

Brooks 22-05-2010 04:56 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
As far as pumps go, you choose the Swiftech MCP355 and you are 100% happy with it. It is inaudible in excess of my fans. It in addition has great flow and additional head than the MCP655. Side make a note of on head (get you are mind outta the gutter) the whole thing you add to your loop adds constraint to the flow of water. That means your blocks, radiator, tubing, the whole thing the water has to push from side to side (verify flow chart, less flow means higher constraint). So the additional head a pump has, the superior it's capable to maintain its flow rate. At present the MCP655 might have superior flow, but in a highly preventive loop, the MCP355 determine to execute superior for the reason that of its additional head.

Deepest BLUE 22-05-2010 04:57 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
If you acquisition from one of the sites you named, normally there determine to be a drop down menu to select fittings when adding the constituent (block, rad, whatever) to cart. The free ones you get from presentation PCs and Jab-tech determine to be fastidious and the entire you necessitate. Presently create certain to make a note of that if a component does not come with barbs, you purchase some independently. You have purchase bitspower barbs for your setup and they are presently as superior as anything else. If you desire to go compression fittings, it is going to cost a superior deal additional.

Carley 23-05-2010 12:10 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
For tubing, the majority ordinary sizes are 3/8" ID, 7/16" ID, and 1/2" ID. Presentation wise, there is not much dissimilarity in the sizes, goes with what looks superior to you. At present with tubing you have an ID and OD (inner and outer diameter). Subtract these and you get how substantial the tubing walls are. The thicker the tubing walls, the less horizontal it is to kink, but the harder it is to curvature in tight areas, it's a trade off. Individually you utilize 1/2" ID 3/4" OD and have no problems or issues with it, but you in addition do not have several tight bends in the tubes moreover.

stephenx 25-05-2010 12:06 AM

Re: Water Cooling FAQ to get n00b's started
There is not much to say regarding coolant. Profitable colored coolant (dyes) tends to become paler subsequent to a few months and leaves substance buildup in blocks. So to keep away from that hassle, presently utilize regular old distilled water from the grocery accumulate, it's presently as non-conductive as several commercial coolant. Water is merely conductive once substance gets dissolved in it, similar to dust or what not. Then presently add a number of biocide (PT Nuke -PHN or silver coil) to kill several creatures that try to grow in your loop and your superior to go. The Tygon does have a number of silver tubing that is worth taking a look at. It's a diminutive expensive, but if you are previously spending a small number of hundred dollars on a loop, what's an additional a small number of bucks.

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