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Leland 29-03-2010 07:53 PM

Convert project 2010 files to 2007
This is Windows Vista computer running with MS Project 2007. Today I received an email with Project 2007 files in attachment. When I tried opening them with my MSP 2007, it gave me an error message saying I need some kind of patch. There was also a download URL provided. I simply clicked the same and patched. But still when I try opening, now it says ?does not find expected version.?

I tried searching Microsoft sites for such patch again but I was only able to find patch to open MSP 2007 files in 2003, but where is to open MSP 2010 file in 2007?

Zachary 29-03-2010 07:59 PM

Re: Convert project 2010 files to 2007
Yeah, I think you are correct Leland. Because I also tried searching for the same as I too have few files in Project 2010 format. I think the reason behind this would be because still MSP 2010 is not released. Anyways, the best thing I can suggest you to solve your problem is just contact the mailer who sent you those files and tell him to save the file again in Project 2007 format and send you back. It is possible for him, but what we are trying to do seems impossible as of now.

Myra 30-03-2010 06:55 PM

RE: Convert project 2010 files to 2007
As Project 2010 is still not released in final version, I don?t think there is any such patch or converter is available for the same. So what the file sender need to do is, open the file in his MSP 2010, click Save As, change the file type to Project 2000-2003. This file can be opened comfortably on your system.

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