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Mariah-Simpson 05-03-2010 06:36 AM

What is the future of C #
Hi all,

There are lots of programming tools for the programmer's heart. VC, DELPHI, JAVA the names of these brilliant programmers life is not only occupied, but also seems to have become a kind of faith. However, with the pace of the new century, these beliefs once again suffered a major challenge. . NET strategy as a . NET's core development language, C # logical surface. Programmers have no choice but to make a painful choice, followed behind whom? I want to know that what is the future of C #. Please suggest.

MindSpace 05-03-2010 06:44 AM

Re: What is the future of C #
C # is undoubtedly the best ever on this planet programming language, which had focused almost all the software development and software engineering on the latest achievements in research. Object-oriented, type, component technology, automatic memory management, cross-platform exception handling, version control, code security management, you can not find another in a language all of these characteristics. Although as many people noticed the same, when I listed the above characteristics, it always leads people to think JAVA, but C # does go further. But the reality is that non-technical factors are often better determine a product's future, especially in computer software history, the technical excellence of products, such as OS / 2, Mac OS, UNIX, have lost the nice in a Windows. Check and reply.

Zecho 05-03-2010 06:48 AM

Re: What is the future of C #
JAVA is mainly because the users of network services developers and software developers of embedded devices, embedded device software is not C # to display their abilities, and in Web services, C #, and real-time native code compiler JAVA virtual machine than the Cache Program with the absolute performance advantages. Moreover, C # Once you become a C + + the same as the common standard, software developers not only eliminates the need for JAVA licensing fees, but also do not have to worry about becoming a slave to Microsoft, those anti-Microsoft people and ideas of independent vendors who may not have What are the views. This may be exactly what Microsoft expected. Check and reply.

opaper 05-03-2010 06:51 AM

What is the future of C #
If the C # and JAVA contention in the network services for future air superiority over the competition, then the C # and the traditional general-purpose rapid development tool - VB, DELPHI and so the contest will be the sheer bayonet charge. Perhaps the most tragic is that VB programmers programmers, Microsoft, VB just like the outgoing Clinton, not only lost all the glory, and the chaos-ridden thing. Think about it, VB6 to write the project must be based on the conversion tool to convert. NET code can be transferred in the VB7 in, almost beyond recognition. Best of luck.

kelfro 05-03-2010 06:55 AM

Re: What is the future of C #
In fact, the true dominant programming languages for many years has been the C + +, all of the operating system and the vast majority of commercial software are using C + + as the primary development language. JAVA programmers are C + +, the vast majority of fans, PHP's success which has a similar C + + syntax of the credit. In the operating system, device drivers, video games and other fields, C + + in a very long period of time will still hold the dominant position, while the largest number of software development on the application, C # is likely to replace C + + position.

Praetor 05-03-2010 06:56 AM

Re: What is the future of C #
First of all, a large number of existing Windows platform, C # program can not run, because the C # program requires. NET runtime as the basis. NET runtime will serve as the next generation of Windows (Whistler) part of the issue, or Service Pack in the form submitted to the Windows Me and Windows 2000 users. So in the near future, C # will mainly be applied on the server. Second, C # can use components or libraries there are only. NET runtime and so very little choice, there is no extensive third-party software libraries are available, which requires a process, while the support of all software developers is also very important. Best of luck.

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