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RAJalias 24-12-2009 02:40 PM

Problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista
I'm running Windows Vista as my operating system. Recently i had downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader on my system. Now the problem is that when i click on anything online that should open in Adobe it looks like the attached pictures doesn't seems to be clear. So, can any one tell me that why i'm having problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista? Any one has any idea about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue. Thanks.

ThoMas321 24-12-2009 02:42 PM

Re: Problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista
Just to be sure that is not a browser related issue, can you do a test with IE? Do you get the same error with IE? The Adobe Download Manager works directly with Adobe servers to help you manage the process of downloading Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat tryout software and other Adobe files. Once it's launched, it will start downloading the software installer to your machine.

chroma 24-12-2009 02:45 PM

Re: Problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista
You may experience the following problems, either intermittently or consistently, while attempting to view .pdf documents. You must have administrative access to your computer and 1MB of disk space available to download and install the Download Manager. Because downloading files involves many variables, you may encounter a variety of problems when downloading Adobe Reader from the Adobe website. Additionally, it is best if Windows products are downloaded on a Windows operating system, and Mac OS products on a Macintosh system.

Sam.D 24-12-2009 02:47 PM

Re: Problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista
The most effective solution to these problems is to update your Adobe/Acrobat software to the most current version. Adobe Reader 8.0 includes a script for installing the browser plugin, although it is not run by default when you install it. You may be unable to connect to the Internet, a file may stop downloading prematurely, you may be unable to locate the Adobe Reader installer after downloading it, or you may experience errors or other unexpected behavior while installing Adobe Reader. The Adobe Download Manager uses the settings in your Internet Control Panel. If you use Internet Explorer and can access the Web, your settings are correct. If you use Netscape exclusively, you may not have set up your Internet Control Panel.

Raine 24-12-2009 02:49 PM

Re: Problem with Adobe Reader on Windows Vista
Before you download Adobe Reader, make sure that your system meets these minimum requirements. In this case, you will need to configure your Internet Control Panel with settings appropriate for your Dial-up or LAN connection (including proxy settings). You can download msicuu2.exe here, where Microsoft warns: "If you use this utility, you may have to reinstall other programs.

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