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Servant 21-12-2009 10:29 PM

Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
Hey people, i am running a system with Windows XP and i use yahoo messenger 9 for chatting purposes. I have a couple of problems on it as i can't view yahoo chat archives and cannot view webcam on yahoo messenger. Well my problem is that whenever i try to open archives of past chat/conversations i had with my friends, it just won't show anything. Also i have tried to view webcams but i just see a black screen in the webcam window. I have used other chat clients to view webcams but the situation remains the same on all of them. Please guide me.

Eric B 21-12-2009 10:35 PM

Re: Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
Well you need to be sure you have activated archives on the messenger. By default the messenger is set to delete all the conversations you have with your friends on the messenger list. You could also go and check if there are archive files in your yahoo folder in program files. The webcam issue is most probably because your firewall is blocking the port used by yahoo to engage in video sessions or transfer. See if you may have not given permission in the firewall to allow yahoo to make such a connection. If your drivers are up to date and yahoo messenger is up to date, there is no reason why you can't view yahoo archives and view the webcams on yahoo.

Glenny 21-12-2009 10:42 PM

Re: Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
Well to see if you have any archives files go to the drive where you have installed Windows and see under the program files for the yahoo folder. In that see under the messenger folder for profile. Under your user id name folder there should be an archives folder arranged according to the user id's of the people you talked too. Those are the chat files and conversations you had with people saved there. If there are files there then you have archives saved, if not then they either were never saved or someone deleted them.

JonathanD 21-12-2009 10:48 PM

Re: Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
Well go to messenger, then preferences and then message archives option. See if you have selected the save all my messages option there. It is possible you might have used the delete my archives after i sign out option leading to this issue. To view webcams i think yahoo messenger alone is enough but nowadays you need some files to view cams on other clients. For that you need something called as ycabby. It is an application that is needed for you to view cams on clients like yahelite etc. I suggest you to download it and install it, see if that makes cams work on a yahoo client which i am sure it should.

Macarenas 21-12-2009 10:52 PM

Re: Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
I think i have the solution to solve your problem of yahoo archives and webcam not working. You should download a yahoo utility called ycabby version 2 which consists of 3 files needed to view cams and use voice chat on yahoo clients. I use a client and couldn't use voice chat or view yahoo cams. But after downloading and installing it using the simple instructions given with it , i could very easily use both without any problems. Also go to your preferences on the messenger and check your archives options. Select the option to save all the chat messages instead of the other 2 options. Hope this solves your issues, good luck.

Raine 21-12-2009 10:56 PM

Re: Yahoo archives not visible and can't see webcams
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions and replies guys. I had the issue of not being able to view webcams on my client. But after installing the ycabby2 application, it solved that issue once and for all. The instructions were very easy to follow and i am glad i read this thread before i decided to re-install my operating system. Ycabby solved the issue of not being able to view webcams on all the clients including my yahoo messenger. I think the archives issue can be solved by enabling it in the preferences of yahoo messenger. I think this thread solves both the issues of not being able to view archives and webcams on yahoo.

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