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milf 14-09-2009 09:05 AM

What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?
Hello Guys,

Here is my stupid question, but I notice that we talk about a lot about the importance of have the right words or title in H1 or H2. What actually does this mean what is the importance of it? I?m attempting to create my own web site but don?t have much awareness in the field.So can some one provide kind of input here..

ton thanks..

Katty 14-09-2009 09:09 AM

Re: What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?
H1, H2 are HTML tags represents the font for headings in the html page.

e.g. <h1>My page heading</h1>

H1 for instance shows bigger text than H2, H2 is bigger than H3. The idea of making correct texts in H1, H2 often is related to setting the headings in your html page with some of your main keywords in them so that would explain that page.Often search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft look for the texts in these H1 and H2 when they emphasize on website pages. Your web page relevance is decided up on these texts within the <h1>, <h2> tags. Also configure the <title> tags on the html header with keywords.

kelfro 14-09-2009 09:20 AM

Re: What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?
Genuinely <h1> and <h2> are HTML heading tags. If you're concerned more in Search Engine Optimization, things like having good titles on pages, relevant text in heading tags, and other things can introduce to your page or site being take on consideration relevant to related search criteria submitted to search engines such that your site will list out with good placement in the search results.

MindSpace 14-09-2009 09:24 AM

Re: What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?
This denotes the size of your headings. Search Engines put special emphasis on what you start each of your pages with so you obviously need to mention your page's keyword on the H1 heading to start your page.It is also a good concept to use a couple of h2 or h3 headings further down the page with your keyword or variations of it included in that heading.Ensure to keep plenty of white space between paragraphs and do not string too many sentences together.As you put more content to the page you may need to add another heading when altering the subject a bit or focusing on something in particular.

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