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l.meloro 29-08-2009 06:51 AM

keyboard not responding, stuck on windows boot manager
Okay, here's my story...

My laptop was working perfectly fine yesterday afternoon. I left to go run some errands. I get back to my laptop, open IE, click the address bar, and it starts spamming W's uncontrollably. I exit and start IE again, go to the address bar, and now it's spamming 3's.

I reboot the computer, get to the log in screen, and attempt to enter my password but am unable to because it is still spamming. A few hours later after leaving the laptop off, I start it up again to now be trapped in the Windows Boot Manager and unable to click any options.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv2715nr. (Edit) I run Windows Vista

I'm guessing I need a new keyboard but I do not understand how this problem randomly occured. I'd really appreciate any solutions to my problem(s) with my laptop. Thanks!!!!

Again, I am unable to leave Windows Boot Manager because my keyboard is not responding.

(Edit) I read a couple similar posts, tried hitting F8 and F10 but it doesn't seem to work. Still goes to Windows Boot Manager

Lillebror 29-08-2009 10:25 AM

Re: keyboard not responding, stuck on windows boot manager
If you are using a USB keyboard then it is due to that. Because most of the usb keyboard does not work in boot mode. You will need to enable the USB legacy on the motherboard. This need to do some system settings. You can try a different ps2 keyboard in order to work in boot manager. The usb keyboard will not work in it.

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