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Abaan 22-07-2009 02:33 PM

Photo Story 3.0 Using more Background Song
I just downloaded the software for picture , Called as Photo Story 3 and have inserted pictures, so far no problem but to add music it takes only 1 single files from myself , i want to use more one file so Can you tell me How can I use more than one background song in a story?had someone has used this software. Thank you in advance for your answers

ThoMas321 22-07-2009 02:35 PM

Re: Photo Story 3.0 Using more Background Song
You can add songs to every picture in your story and Photo Story plays each song for as long as the pictures are displayed in your story. Only one piece of music can play for a selected picture or anchor image. You can add multiple songs from your computer, the My Music folder, or from the prerecorded music in Photo Story to your story.

Bina 22-07-2009 02:59 PM

Re: Photo Story 3.0 Using more Background Song
Hello i have these software , What is these Software used for ,Also Can you Tell me can I add video to a photo story? please help

Raine 22-07-2009 03:02 PM

Re: Photo Story 3.0 Using more Background Song
Photo Story allows you to create slideshows from your digital photos quickly. You can also edit, crop or rotate your images, add special effects, music and your own voice narration. Customize them by adding titles and captions, view them on your TV directly from your computer or a Windows Mobile device . Photo Story 3 for Windows can not import video, but does save in the Windows Media Video (WMV) format. The WMV format can be imported by many applications that import video. One recommended way to add other video to your photo story is to import your photo story into Windows Movie Maker 2 and then edit or add additional videos as necessary.

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