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Clemens 21-07-2009 08:44 PM

Samsung M620 UpStage
If you are looking for a standard, practice phone, this phone is not for you. This phone is for those who want a phone with a "WOW" factor. If a phone to double-sided look May difficult to use, easy to use and very intuitive set up, it is easy for even non-technical people. This phone is very thin and easy to slip into my pocket. The Samsung M620 is a bar phone with two unique sides. One side is a typical numeric keypad with a small screen for making phone calls, navigating contacts, and sending text messages. The other side of the phone is specifically for playing music, surfing the web, and viewing interactive content. The navigation array is typical Samsung there's a square toggle with an OK button in the middle, two soft keys, a dedicated camera button, a Back control, and the traditional Talk and End/Power keys. The controls are mostly flush with the surface of the phone, but they have just the slightest bit of texture and a tactile "push" feeling when pressed. The 65,000-color TFT display on the phone side also was a mixed bag. First off, it's tiny at just 1.4 inches diagonally (176x65 pixels). Normally we'd be up in arms about such a small screen, but we understand Samsung's motive--a bigger screen would have made for a bigger phone. It manages to cram in the date, the time, signal strength, battery life, and even photo caller ID, but the tiny dialing and message text may be too small for some users. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the UpStage is a beautiful thing. It is compact, at only 104mm x 44mm x 11mm (4.1" x 1.7" x .4") in size, and feels as solid as a rock in terms of construction. This, of course, in spite of its feathery 77.8g (2.7oz) weight. Its black plastic has a matte surface that stays pretty clean in use and isn't slippery. The dual black faces of the phone are highlighted by eye-catching strips of metal down the left and right edge that are attached with real metal screws. On the sides can also be found the metal volume rocker switch, the reset switch, necessary since there is no way to remove the battery if the device were to hang, and the power/data port.

Clemens 21-07-2009 08:57 PM

Specification of Samsung M620 UpStage cell phone
Specification of Samsung M620 UpStage cell phone
  1. Modes : CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900

  2. Weight : 2.57 oz (73 g)

  3. Dimensions : 4.07" x 1.73" x 0.37" (103 x 44 x 9 mm)

  4. Battery Type : LiIon

  5. External Display : Yes

  6. Polyphonic Ringtones : Yes

  7. Picture ID : Yes

  8. Ringer ID : Yes

  9. Custom Graphics : Yes

  10. Custom Ringtones : Yes

  11. Packet Data : Technology: 1xEV-DO r0

  12. WAP / Web Browser : Yes

  13. Key Lock Switch : Yes

  14. Predictive Text Entry Technology : T9

  15. Side Keys : Yes

  16. Alarm : Yes

  17. Calculator : Yes

  18. Calendar : Yes

Harshavardhan 21-07-2009 09:00 PM

Samsung M620 UpStage
The best part of Samsung UpStage SPH-M620 is that it has good call and music quality as compared to others. At the same time it also has extended battery and it also includes stereo Bluetooth, a music player, a megapixel camera, and EV-DO support. It also offers an original, ergonomic design that's user-friendly and attractive.

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