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Dipu 22-05-2009 09:54 AM

Adsense plugin for Wordpress
I want to use the feature of Adsense which is one of the wordpress plugin. Can anybody please give me the details about this Adsense plugin for WordPress ?


Eric B 22-05-2009 10:04 AM

Re: Adsense plugin for Wordpress
Adsense Manager is a Wordpress plugin that helps you to manage Adsense ads on your blog. Unlike other plugins, Adsense doesn't require you to copy and paste the code from the Google Adsense site, instead Adsense Manager generates the code automatically for you.

With Adsense Manager, you can modify Ads right from your Wordpress admin panel - change colours, type and size of ads with a push of a button. On Wordpress Widgets enabled blogs, you can also drag the Ads around your Sidebar to position them as you like. Sidebar Modules (as used in the popular K2 theme) are also supported.

Glenny 22-05-2009 10:11 AM

Re: Adsense plugin for Wordpress
Utilize the WordPress blog services -

You will get the following key services by utilizing our wordpress blog expertise and experience:
  • Installation and configuration of wordpress blog
  • Add wordpress plugins or theme
  • Layout or template modification
  • Adsense placement
  • Content postings in wordpress blog
  • Auto posting by RSS feeds
  • Submission to blog directories
  • Wordpress blog maintenance and promotion

JonathanD 22-05-2009 10:18 AM

Re: Adsense plugin for Wordpress
Download the latest version of Adsense Manager and install.

Follow these instructions while installation - Unzip the downloaded package and upload the Adsense Manager folder into your Wordpress plugins folder. Login to your WordPress admin panel. Go to Plugins and “Activate” the plugin. “Adsense Manager” will now be displayed in your Options section and “Ads” appears under Manage. Set your AdSense Account ID under Options ? AdSense. Create and modify your Ad blocks under Manage ? Ads.

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